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    Uniden R1/R3 better BSM filtering when?

    Ever since I purchased my Uniden R3 I have had nothing but alert after alert on K band. I have to give Uniden credit the KA band detection is extraordinary and never falses. Eventually, I started fiddling with K Narrow and updating to the 1.50v firmware which adds K block. This was only a...
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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    As an avid electronics enthusiast and hardware hacker, I annually attend a hacking conference in Las Vagas. Unfortunately due to college I was unable to go but Fortunately, my friends were able to make it and they went to some interesting presentations. Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself and...
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    Camas Washington speed traps

    usually, after class I like to go on this really nice backroad to blow off steam. Usually, I like to go fast on this road because it is fun and technical. In my time that I have lived here, I have noticed police units use KA band radar to catch speeders. the other day I saw a police car...
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    hi,I like radar detectors

    Hi, I recently got my drivers license. And to no surprise, I got my first ticket 8 months later in my silver Prius going to a robotics competition. I was pulled over by a Clackamas county (Oregon) highway patrol car in an unmarked black charger. I find this ironic because me and my dad work on...