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    Edmonton MRCD Frequencies

    As a Calgary resident MRCD is not currently a worry of mine but every now and then I do find myself up in Edmonton and am curious as to it. It's well documented that the R3 has the hardware limitation. My question especially now that the R7 is out, is what percentage roughly of the occurences...
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    Calgary Spring Laser Testing

    Hi All, just wondering if there are any Calgary (and Surrounds) Lidar Testing meetups in the works? With the warmer weather seemingly upon us I'd very much like to try my setup out, as I'm sure a few others would too. A little while back I had a front (2 RX / 1 TX) install done and recently I...
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    ALP Install Questions

    So I'm down to the last step of my Single Rear RX Install (not ideal I know), just a few questions for the great people of RDF. 1) What type of Drill Bit (knowing there are different kinds) is recommended to drill through the body of a vehicle? 2) Thinking ahead, Port R1 allows the RX/TX combo...
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    Single Rear Sensor - Useless or 1 better than none

    Having purchased a TX sensor for my new vehicle install I am left with an unused RX Sensor. I don't believe I am currently in a position to purchase a 2nd for a dual rear. My question is, Is it worth installing (self install) just a single at the rear until such time I can get a 2nd sensor or a...
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    R3 Smart Cord Fail after less than a Week

    Had my R3 just under a week and the Smart Cord has failed. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? Upon opening the 12V it was discovered the fuse had blown. Having replaced the fuse 3 times it blew 3 more times in various 12v sockets. Thankfully the detector is fine and can be...
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    VW Golf Placement Advice

    Hey All, So I have 3 sensors for the front of my VW Golf. Would love some advice as to placement. Thinking the top grill only really has place for 2 sensors!?? I could make 3 work on the lower grill but a little worried its too low....? I just got back from the car wash so the marks on the...
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    Instillation Tips & Tricks

    Hi All, so I eventually made the leap and bought myself an ALP system, 3 front only for now. Reading through the forums a lot of people seem to be of the opinion that a self instillation is the way to go. I'm away for work so can't ask for Head placement advice currently but was wondering if the...
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    RJ11 Cable

    Hi All, So I have both a Redline and LRD 950 and gotten to the point where the dangling wire is starting to annoy me. I would like to hard wire but not in the typical sense, I'd still like to plug into the cigarette lighter port but have the wires hidden out of sight. Can one by a RJ11...
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    Dragon Update Question

    So I recently came across a thread of a guy questioning the ability of the ALP's against the DragonEye specifically where it was updated the very day new firmware became available - assuming a different variable pulse rate of some kind. The general consensus was that the ALP's would fail jamming...
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    Membership Levels RDFVR

    While trying to watch videos on the RDFVR I often can't watch videos as I am not on a specific membership level. Just wondering how the membership tiers work so I have something to aim for. Thanks
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    Best Laser Detector - Not Radar

    Hey Guys, so my Father's radar detector has given up on him and he is in the market for a new one. In South Africa laser is the main threat with a few mobile cams floating about on either K or X band that are easily picked up far from the kill zone even with a Cobra - uneducated police...
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    Calgary to San Francisco Question

    Hi To All my American Radar Forum Counterparts. I am in the process of planning a trip from Calgary, AB down to San Francisco. Will be running a Segged Redline so not too worried about radar. However would love some insight as to known aircraft/vascar areas and where X Band is still used...