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  1. Iceman8

    R3 has gone dead

    Nope, all it said was no parts needed, replaced
  2. Iceman8

    R3 has gone dead

    Thanks for all the suggestions today I got a replacement unit and its working. It also looks brand new not a mark or scratch on it, they also included a new power cord and windshield mount, all in a new case 1554254483 1554254561 It also came loaded with Ver 148
  3. Iceman8

    R3 has gone dead

    I have already tried all of the suggestions, I will have to call Uniden monday, thank you members
  4. Iceman8

    R3 has gone dead

    and I mean DOA while attempting a firmware update it just stopped so I disconnected it and started over but download tool does not recognize it anymore. Then when I brought it out to my veh it does not turn on or even light up then I retried downloading update again its still not being...
  5. Iceman8

    New R3 owner from NJ

    Try raising quiet ride to 40 or 45
  6. Iceman8

    R3 anyone having GPS not connecting quicky

    No diff from 137 to 146 usually 10 seconds
  7. Iceman8

    1.46 firmware. Let's give a rating from 1 to 10.

    Cannot rate right now have not drove more than 3miles from home since upgrade
  8. Iceman8

    SN# for R3 and R1 Issues / No Issues

    my r-3 is 7A0003xx still working well no problems
  9. Iceman8

    Does anyone know anything about k band and its use in horry county in SC...

    The only K band I get is a falsie from other vehicles that have avoidance systems, and that is few with k band at 60% and filter on. I live in Little River, and try to avoid Myrtle esp in the summer
  10. Iceman8

    R3 FW 1.31 Performance Test Results?

    What I have found is this: There has been a Ka speed sign in a construction zone for the past 2 months which I go by every day on my way to work. Its set up off axis to my route and since 131 I pick it up 1/4 mile sooner than before which makes it a little over 3/4 of mile detection with...
  11. Iceman8

    What mount are you using for your R1 & R3?

    blend mount with randenso clip for my R-3
  12. Iceman8

    R1/R3 Lens Protection idea

    Good idea, as far as looking bad, I can't see it from my house and you can't see mine, so go for it.
  13. Iceman8

    R3 Advanced K setting what's you're preference?

    I think your right, in my limited testing at 60% its quiet as a mouse. Just before the 130 update they had two portable radar speed signs up here in N. Myrtle beach one ka and one K but they are nowhere to be found right now for testing.
  14. Iceman8

    Uniden R1 new firmware sound not working properly

    I had the same problem, something went wrong with the voice download. Start over with the download and install.
  15. Iceman8

    Max 360 Will Get A Firmware Update Ver. 1.6

    Any day now, any day.............
  16. Iceman8

    Casper lives

    I just did the same thing, parked in the front of a local CVS for about 8 minutes, no false ghosting, just showed one k band alert
  17. Iceman8

    Download the Uniden R1/R3 1.30 firmware update now

    ok got it all now
  18. Iceman8

    Download the Uniden R1/R3 1.30 firmware update now

    Downloaded 130 no problem but the voice download ng, I can change from 1 to 4 on all bands but 5 to 12 I only get fart sounds. Tried it 3 times with the same result I'll try again tomorrow when uniden posts it..
  19. Iceman8

    Escort just posted this on facebook.....I about fell over.

    well they are completely different animals, and they are not in competition with each other
  20. Iceman8

    For those that are not getting the range you thought you would