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  1. JabbaNoBother

    Holiday Time...pretty quiet

    Took a trip down to Lancaster area today, unexpectedly quiet giving the upcoming 4th of July. Passed one PSP near the Rt22 and Rt78 WB merge, facing the WB traffic on Rt22 (he was sitting EB in behind a tree patch). Redline EX ramped up fast on Ka 24.200 on his hand-held radar approx 1/4 mile...
  2. JabbaNoBother

    Subi gets a buddy

    So, one of 2 'local' Best Buys had a hardwire kit for my Redline Ex. Nothin-fancy...will test it today heading into NJ for Fathers Day Edit: Left the radar setup on the frits all night...going to see if it decided to make a dive onto my console or stayed suctioned up there. Sent from my...
  3. JabbaNoBother

    NEPA Checking In...

    Hey all, figured I would get an acct going. Hope to learn more by engaging in some convo...Im running a RedlineEX in my 2018 Subi Crosstrek. I travel for work, mainly into NJ (originally from), NY, CT, MA, and other surrounding PA states. Anywhere else and its a plane ticket.