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  1. G39x

    Evil pothole in Mississippi

    But did you post it to Waze? Good thing you have thicker tires. There are a crap ton of potholes after exit 24 coming from Nashville to clarksville.
  2. G39x

    Arrows odd behaviour after 1.29 Update

    Huh? Picking a Real value doesn’t change the front. I know that arrows do get confused if your close to the source and or a reflective surface, it usually is solid for me, but haven’t gotten many hits lately.
  3. G39x

    To our Uniden Representative

    What you talking ‘bout Willis? hehe. Fixed.
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    To our Uniden Representative

    Yea, you can run windows on mac's so not a big deal. Look at radenso, they don't have a Mac updater program. (Not knocking them). Windows will always have better support since there is a lot more of them. Just update using the older program or use bootcamp
  5. G39x

    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Speaking about arrow confusion, I just had one today with a rolling I/O in front of me and it showed the sides. Was the first, but was close so maybe the strong signal led to it which it does sometimes.
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    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Do you have Catalina on your Mac? If so, I think that may be the problem.
  7. G39x

    Theia Price Speculation:

    I think 899 would be a good starting price.
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    2008 Toyota Highlander - R7, 6 head ALP, A129 Duo

    I want to intall ALP on my '15 highlander, but not sure how to route wires. Any recommendations on how you routed the wires?
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    Offical Cobra Aim Fail Thread

  10. G39x

    Lidar PSL +12 ALP save

    Thought it was Hawaii after seeing mountains and then palm trees. Wow, a 4runner, now that is interesting, you guys have a lot of chases up a mountain?
  11. G39x

    Decisions....pick up the R7 or wait for the new AI Radenso radar?

    I say, get the next best thing after theia and wait for that, it might be a while, but you'll have the latest and greatest and then the next big thing will come right after you buy that. :p In all honesty, I would get the R7 or anything right now because theia still doesn't have an official...
  12. G39x

    VPR will be shipping out 2/3/2020

    It will be finished by the time I get it to you.
  13. G39x

    VPR will be shipping out 2/3/2020

    I can pick up the crate from TN if you want me to. You might be missing some heads, but at least you'll get them faster.
  14. G39x

    Got hit by laser

    It’s hardwired, I just was confused on what you meant on where you hid yours. Yea mine is pretty hidden behind the dots. Good to know, I just get some anxiety running the R7 based on less immunity.
  15. G39x

    Got hit by laser

    Where do you hide yours? I hate driving through VA, but sometimes I have to and I want to know if there is a better place to hide mine. I have mine behind the dots so maybe I am okay and it is hardwired.
  16. G39x

    THP on I-26 - No Longer Using Ka?

    THP is like the quick fad that comes and goes, sometimes it is a disco party throughout and the next it is WV highway patrol lol.
  17. G39x

    Uniden R7 Firmware updates! Is it coming?

    I know they are working on the update and it seems that we are close to the final update. Should be any day now... I’m not throwing a hissy fit over it, but can we get an update on where we are as far as if there were any new bugs that came up.
  18. G39x

    Segment 4 LEO Union City, TN 34.544

    Yea, I hate union city, it is just a little north from Jackson where I am in school for pharmacy and that place sucks. I run 24568 just because of these small town sheriffs.
  19. G39x

    Rear Lidar (Tennessee)

    I'm the reverse, almost all of mine were laser. My father did get a laser ticket around cookeville, so they have upgraded. I rarely see Ka THP, unless they are off of the highway or if they are going down the highway with C/O. There are some sheriff units on the west side before Jackson.
  20. G39x

    State by State LJ Penalties...

    You have to make them think it's the gun and not JTG. You have to be quick about it. I do agree with RaggedEdge in that there are not a lot of people with jammers in TN, but there are shops that do install them. I believe there are about 2 installers of ALP that are dealers for them as well, so...