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  1. bamapepper

    Can anyone point me to the radar band map?

    I have a tip coming up from Columbus, GA to Saphire NC..
  2. bamapepper

    R7 GPS

    My R7 will go from 0-3 mph while sitting still and sometimes will not register anything for a few minutes when I first start driving? Has there been any post about this?
  3. bamapepper

    KA band 33.8

    Has there been any r7 testing on this band ?
  4. bamapepper


    As most of you can see I live in columbus, Ga . The only radar used here is KA band 33.73 or so and was wanting to know the range . I have an R-7 and I am not impressed with range vs my V1. There is no mile plus pick up on this , maybe 500 yards. Thought about adding segment 1 to help?
  5. bamapepper

    KA narrow and KA wide

    What is the difference?
  6. bamapepper

    2020 Corvette

    I saw a 2020 corvette yesterday. I'm not sure how this person got one, I was at a stop light and saw a sports car I hadn't seen around town and ended up being a corvette with temporary tag on it. Very nice and white.
  7. bamapepper

    I have the r7 and was thinking about about adding a second RD to my collection.

    I have a V1 , escort IX, R65 and was thinking about adding one more. What do you think I should purchase as a back up ?
  8. bamapepper

    Registering product with Uniden

    Has anybody been able to register their R7. The website seems to be still having trouble?
  9. bamapepper

    Temporarily out of stock?

    Anyone know something?
  10. bamapepper

    Amazon R7 Uniden R7 Xtreme Long Range Laser/Radar Detector, Built-in GPS with Auto Learn Mode, Dual-Antennas Front & Rear w/Directional Arrows, Voice Alerts, Red Light Camera, Speed Camera Alert, OLED Display: Gateway FYI
  11. bamapepper

    Radar detector placement

    I have always placed my radar detector higher on the windshield understanding the higher the farther away you would get a signal, I notice some of you testing on youtube do not subscribe to that theory?
  12. bamapepper


    Are there any laser jammers or shifters legal in Georgia?
  13. bamapepper

    Escort IX

    I have a escort ix and updated firmware. The range is very short. I got within 100 yards on ka short band before it caught it. They were coming up a hill at a right angle?
  14. bamapepper

    Hello from Columbus , Ga

    Call name bamapepper I have been using radar detectors since age 16 that would give me over 30 years experience. I have had about every radar detector make available to include cobra, whistler, valentine, uniden, escort, and bel. I was using a escort ix until recently when I found vortex on...
  15. bamapepper

    V1 Driver customizing

    Do I have to have the app connected to detector to create new profiles? 1552353242 I guess that was a dumb question, Just did it without connection. Sorry guys
  16. bamapepper

    Anyone use V1 Radar Connect Pro

    See attached
  17. bamapepper

    V1 App will not let me pick euro mode?

    I have factory default and export at top of app but no add create new profile at bottom?
  18. bamapepper

    My V1 app will not let me pick euro mode?

    I have factory default and export below that but no create new profile at bottom?