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  1. LOAF3

    Ban issued to user Ram5150

    Dang thats Crazy
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    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    Allen Texas. Police tahoes know how to hide that big ass
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    Sold 2 Escort Redline Radar Detectors. $225 Each shipped in the US.

    @hagosrush Here's a radar you could consider
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    5 tickets in one pull over

    Did you.....brake check the cop too.
  5. LOAF3

    Got Speeding Tix From a Hardeman County Sheriff TX Using Uniden R3

    Tx doesn't play around, they are sneaky
  6. LOAF3

    Looking For A Car, Any Suggestions?

    There's that new civic type R
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    Always good to an Ahole among us
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    EBay 20% off entire site 3/9 only

    Holy Smokes. Looking right now
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    Complete newbie looking for a recommendation

    "Escort Passport S75 Radar Detector" With BSM Filter & GPS with Auto Lock, on amazon.
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    DPS Super Duty Ford F-250 Truck

    Hot jambalaya! :eek: --- Post updated --- Extra Big Tires
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    Hi Radar Dectectors Forumers

    You would literally be the almighty god after that. Referring to vortex up there ^
  12. LOAF3

    New Left Lane Law In Ok.

    I got a warning ticket for this before.
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    Im here and ready to rumble