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  1. BayouDude82

    New Vehicle Purchase: 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

    Been owning this beast for about a month now. Absurdly quick and will throw you back from a stop going straight into full throttle. I also have a '15 Mustang GT that's lightly modded and can honestly say this thing launches harder due to the AWD. I posted some times from when we were in "Mexico"...
  2. BayouDude82

    Radar R3 9+ mile Ka 34.7 Detection

    Video taken on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. R3 starting getting brief wiffs of 34.727 and was alerting in and out for a couple of miles. Pretty much ideal conditions for extreme range detections.
  3. BayouDude82

    R3 X-Band falses due to phone compared to my V1 and Max 2

    I have a Galaxy S6 Edge+ on AT&T and a new R3 that I've been running for a week. I also have a Max 2 and V1 v3.8945. The R3 is Blendmounted and my phone is magnetically mounted near my infotainment screen in my 2015 Mustang GT. When X-band is enabled I get a 10.520 false every couple of minutes...
  4. BayouDude82

    V1C dongle and mirror hardwire

    Saw this picture in another thread and was wondering if using an RJ11 splitter would actually work. Since I have a RJ11 MirrorTap, I was hoping there was a solution to powering both the V1 and V1C dongle while also allowing them to communicate. I just got back my updated ESP capable V1 to run...
  5. BayouDude82

    Upgrade V1 to run YaV1 or not???

    Finally ditched iOS and picked up a new Galaxy S6 edge+ today. I currently run an Escort Max2 and have my old trusty V1 v3.872 stashed away. Been wanting to try out YaV1 but never owned an Android phone nor had an upgraded ESP capable V1. Would you hold out for the new V1 version with all the...
  6. BayouDude82

    New Shelby GT350 unveiled! 500+HP 5.2L Flat Plane Crank V8 Specifications: 5.2L Flat Plane Crankshaft V8 Engine More than 500 HP / Torque Peak above 400 lb-ft MagneRide dampers "Light weight" 6-speed manual transmission 19" aluminum wheels - 10.5...
  7. BayouDude82

    STi-R+ M3 and Passport Max M5 interference

    Anybody run both of these together currently? If so, do they play well together being that one is down on the lower front grill and the other is on the windshield? Been dreaming up some great CM combos while thinking of my next car purchase. Kind of narrowed it down to running ALPs with the...
  8. BayouDude82

    Will K-band nannies render our RDs practically useless in the near future?

    Is there an answer on the horizon from Escort, Whistler, or Valentine with the ever increasing amount of vehicles on the road using blind-spot monitoring, lane-assist, automated cruise-control, etc? Is the Max potentially with its digital back end the magic bullet that allows it to recognize...
  9. BayouDude82

    Question for experts: Arrows on Escort products???

    Question for experts: Arrows on future Escort products??? Would implementing arrows on the current Belscort M3 or M4 platforms be possible without any rear facing horn? My understanding is that the V1 uses a complex algorithm to differentiate the signal strength from both their front and rear...
  10. BayouDude82

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hello from the bayou region of Louisiana. I'm currently running a V1 v3.872 in my '11 Mustang. No zombie though, I'd consider the STiR+ and even Li's if it wasn't for the hassle of the install (i.e. correct install) and the good possibility that I'll be trading the 305hp V6 Stang for a 13' or...