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    Install questions - ALP

    Hello forum members, currently I am doing the alp Install on my car . .. will post pics in a few. Quick question currently i only install 2rx heads and 1tx head at the front of the vehicle will the system still work to jam unwanted interference, or do I have connect the rest of wires to rx1...
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    Laser Jammer install

    Hello forum members I have been a member here for sometime now and I really learn alot from the knowledge that is is shared on this forum. However, recently I purchase 2 tx sensors and gps navigation for my alp system prior I had the 5 head rx. I live in gwinnett county and recently I had a...
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    LTI Truspeed 20/20 Testing

    Hey I have been a member and a long time lurker I'm interesting in buying a Truspeed 20/20 not a Truspeed S. Is the Truspeed 20/20 any good in testiing against a ALP setup. Thanks.