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    Brand new V1, unfortunate encounter

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my first true Radar Detector, the V1. I purchased the re-furb unit, without savvy or CD. After using it for a week I have decided that Savvy is imperative and CD would be a good investment as well. The V1 arrived in the mail hours before my...
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    Second Guesses on V1 purchase in the city

    hey guys, Up until this point I have been committed to purchasing a V1, hardcore. One disadvantage I have heard most common is the noisiness in the city, which is whats making me have doubts about the purchase. I live in Irving, a suburb of Dallas, TX. At the moment, I dont travel on...
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    Quick! Good deal on V1?

    I have found an ad on my local Craigslist for a V1 version 3.826 with all accessories (excluding carry case) for $275. Is this a deal? What about $250? I'm looking to get my foot in the door of quality radars. I was planning on purchasing a new one from V1, but after seeing this posting, it...
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    Need Advice on First V1 Purchase!

    Currently I own an Escort 7500 hardwired.. It is virtually unusable. I have been doing some research and have decided to get a V1 based on the great ramp up, directional arrows, and sensitivity. Should I fork over the cash and purchase the latest and greatest from V1? or is saving a little...
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    Hey Everyone!

    Im a fairly new driver, living in Texas. I drive a 1995 Lexus SC400 with a hardwired Escort 7500. Yes, I know, ancient technology that works about 10% of the time. (it was a gift). Looking to learn more about RD's and hopefully purchase a new one soon.