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  1. 64pvolvo1800

    Stellar save (no video)

    This was an instinct save, nothing else. So I was cruising to Charlotte from Atl as usual and I picked up a leapfrog rabbit in a new Audi sedan around 115mm. We were taking turns in triple digits. Up around the weigh station, ~165mm, they always sit in the median. This time no one marked on WAZE...
  2. 64pvolvo1800

    The most expensive CM?
  3. 64pvolvo1800

    Triggered on, no ALP response, YIKES

    I was headed south on 85 around Newnan or further south last Thursday, running 91 when I made visual on a local setup. Quickly braked and dropped to <10 over and he triggered as I anticipated. My STiR+ raised hell but my ALP quad was silent, nada. I took the next opportunity to exit and tested...
  4. 64pvolvo1800

    Mercedes AMG

    I rolled up behind a CL63 I think it was (the V12 AMG) at the off ramp and was surprised to see, on what appeared to be new, fast, gorgeous, black Mercedes, a ZR4 license plate sensor. Got around him at the next light and scouted his front end for the front sensors but they must've been either...
  5. 64pvolvo1800

    2001-2007 Volvo XC70

    Well, I installed my LI quad and just as hoped for, Goldie Locks is all protected. Tested her yesterday with a couple challenging guns and no reading except very close (55') at the fringe of her skirt. The testing did discover a weird thing though. Redline picked up rear shots form ~500' all...
  6. 64pvolvo1800

    85 north of 316

    GSP running pl3 AND pl4 just now
  7. 64pvolvo1800

    Customer service?

    I sent an email through the V website a few days ago and have had silence so far. I'm considering the whole shooting match now and connection too when iPhone support is available But I'm rethinking it if th support is lacking. I know that LI has outstanding service and escort has very good...
  8. 64pvolvo1800

    Charlotte run today

    Escort Live had lots of activity on 85 right by the SC state line. Had someone running the southbound side apparently. Had a 1 minute ago alert just a mile in around 4:45. Anyone here? I had the Stir chirp them out well in advance but the Live stuff was good to see.
  9. 64pvolvo1800

    Stone Mountain anyone?
  10. 64pvolvo1800

    New Ellington, SC speeding

    Anybody know this speed trap? A friend got pinched for 25 over and the guy was sitting right behind a 45/35 dropped limit sign. 1) does the ticket and suspension for failure to pay report to Georgia? 2) anybody know any method to protest this specific locale? City Leo did the stop. Reviewing...
  11. 64pvolvo1800

    Found my old ticket

    My Gwinnett Pork Dept ticket from a few years ago was with laser and the serial number starts with UX..... Any idea what gun this belongs to? ---------- Post added at 07:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:36 AM ---------- Well that didn't take long to find! It was the same deadly bastard...
  12. 64pvolvo1800

    Speed sign.

    There is a watch your speed sign on McGinnis ferry by 13 that doesn't trigger my stir plus at all. What gives?
  13. 64pvolvo1800

    2012 Dodge Ram install hints?

    Traded the 06 for a 12 Ram a couple weeks ago and the grill is not as convenient to mount the ZR's on. The wife drives this thing almost exclusively so the ZR's are fine and have saved both of us repeatedly in the 06, so this thread should not become one of LI vs ZR, please :) Suggestions...
  14. 64pvolvo1800

    06 Dodge Ram 4x4 1500

    So this isnot a detector question but thought I'd seek advice from experience. 2006 I bought new 80k ago. All oil changes done regularly and no engine trouble. Started getting brake judder around 6-8k ago maybe. At speeds above 50 when hitting them hard it would start shaking the front...
  15. 64pvolvo1800

    LI Traffic Observer Alert.. What caused this?

    I was getting Traffic Observer this morning and I was near a google earth view car. Over the next hill was a Leo w ALPRs. What exactly was the LI referring to?
  16. 64pvolvo1800

    YIKES!!!! STiR+ has been very quiet

    So as many of you know, I recently installed my + and then added EL DW to it and had a bunch of weird shxt going on and ended up just yanking out the EL until Escort gets it resolved. Once I yanked it, the + seemed to do everything it was supposed to from the controller and the GPS ERR and...
  17. 64pvolvo1800


    Very weird stuff tonight. StiR lost GpS so I turned it off and on. Symbol came on and speed stayed at 8mph incorrectly. Tried to reboot and it was just stuck. Wouldn't respond. I tried the vol/sens reset and it finally came up gps err again. Then I turned the car off and on. Laser alert came...
  18. 64pvolvo1800

    the BEAST! STiR+

    EXTRA QUESTION: when I put the display in dark mode......does the LED still alert? I just thought of it and I'll try it on the way home from my office but thought someone mught know right here first. Well, I've driven with this beast for a couple days now and I have to say that I am...
  19. 64pvolvo1800

    Update seems stuck

    I finished the STIR+ install and escort live doesnt recognize the detector so I went to update it. Connected to it by holding mute and power while connected to detector tools and powering up until the detector serial number shows up in the tools. Now its just sitting there twirling at 0% forever...
  20. 64pvolvo1800

    STiR+ bubble up or down?

    I can't identify whether the bubbles with the arrow side should be at the top or the bottom of the grill. I'm sure I'm overlooking something. ---------- Post added at 10:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:26 AM ---------- Never mind. Found it in our show off your install forum. Close...