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    best price on al priority in canada?

    Naw man You can pretty easily make a small hole in the top of the Honda emblem (for running the wires) and use silicone or glue to keep the TX sensor in place there
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    Radar Uniden R1 vs surprise mobile radar

    Hard to say. This area is quite a curvy and hilly road, so I could certainly see this reducing range. That said, this area had a pretty gentle slope and was quite straight. A little odd that the detection range was not better. That said, I still notice pretty decent performance from the R1...
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    Looking for a hardwire kit for R3 $40, but it includes a functional hardwire and a mirror mount (which functions very well and is waaay cheaper than a Blendmount)
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    Radar Uniden R1 vs surprise mobile radar

    Under the rearview mirror
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    Radar Uniden R1 vs surprise mobile radar

    Interesting... Time to send the R1 away on warranty? haha
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    Radar Uniden R1 vs surprise mobile radar

    Or perhaps he I/O'd the guy in front of me?
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    Radar Uniden R1 vs surprise mobile radar

    I usually don't run into cops roaming in this area with radar. What do you folks think of the detection range here on the Uniden R1? Also excuse me, I like to talk to myself when I'm driving it seems haha
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    POS Civic Alp Install (2 reg 1 TX)

    Thanks folks for the comments Currently this setup seems to be JTG on an ancient Ultralyte LR. (1998 MFG date lol). Hopefully soon I can test it against something stronger and see how it performs. Out of curiosity, how would this Ultralyte compare to something like a PLIII? Would that be anymore...
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    Auction eBay: Stalker DSR 2X - Auction from $399 USD

    Nice toy! Probably a safe bet that it'll sell for $1000ish if not more
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    Auction ProLaser III - start bid $500 w/ best offer

    What do you consider to be a fair market value for this gun?
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    Auction ProLaser III - start bid $500 w/ best offer

    $500 is probably a good price if nobody else bids though, right?
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    Auction ProLaser III - start bid $500 w/ best offer Looks like this has been listed several times now with no bites at the starting bid of $500 USD. It seems to be in reasonable condition and...
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    Uniden R7 - theft?

    Gotcha. I personally have my R1 hardwired, but, its also mounted on a blendmount. For that reason, it is very easy to spot lol. Not stealthy at all. 1581551490 Solid idea. I'm scratching up my lens pretty good taking down the R1 atm.
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    Uniden R7 - theft?

    Hey folks To those that utilize a R7; Are you at all worried about theft of your device? At $600 CAD, if I personally owned one, I would be a little concerned of someone smashing in my windshield to take the device. Which I suppose would result in my taking the device into my home/work with me...
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    Calgary Leo Change up

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll need to upgrade the Uniden R1 to an R7 for the arrows
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    MK7 Golf + Rear ALP Perspex

    Dang, Looks like a fancy $10000 install!
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    Sold/Ended LTI Marksman 20/20 - $130 + shipping

    Picked up mine from Montana today lol. Looks like its in really good shape for such an antiquated LIDAR unit. Acquires distance measurements no problem, and speed also (with quite some difficulty unless the gun is 100% stable.) All in all, good purchase for $75 USD IMO.
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    Sold/Ended LTI Ultralyte LR - Auction from $199

    I actually picked up a LTI Ultralyte LR myself, on a different listing however. This one is certainly much more worn than the one posted here. It does seem to have some solid scratching on the lens. That said, I am able to acquire speed readings with no problem. Do the scratches impact the...
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    Are LIDAR guns legal to own?

    And is LiDAR and radar guns legal to own in Canada?
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    Sold/Ended LTI Marksman 20/20 - $130 + shipping

    Glad to hear it's working well for you! How did you power the gun during testing?