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    Fighting Ticket In CA Again

    Hey All, Hope everyone is doing well. Ive been away from the forum because of the ticket I got back in January, Its put me off from driving in general. I got a ticket for following to close and improper lane change from an undercover officer who was there in an unmarked car and i just pissed him...
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    R1 Instant On Experience

    I have taken a hiatus from “speeding” over the past few months so today on my cruise home from the office I was in the far right lane cruise control at 3 over the limit minding my own business when my R1 gave me a full ramp up alert to KA band and then dead silent, I thought possibly a false...
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    Los Angeles Testing Meet Up?

    Hey all, I will be borrowing a lidar gun from one of our awesome members. Would anyone be interested in a testing meet up while I️ have the gun? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a letter from CHP

    I got a text today that a letter from chp showed up at my old address today, so I drove over and picked it up. I guess some ****er reported my plate to chp for "speeding". Letter states to please slow down and be safe on the road and no further action will be taken. Anyone else ever get one of...
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    CA Exempt Plates?

    Now I must preface this by saying I do not condone this, I'm asking this as a hypothetical question. Does anyone know what happens if you run these plates as a police officer or if you even can run them? Say I'm driving around and a officer goes to pull me over for speeding or tint, or some...
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    Convince local shop to switch to ALP

    What would you guys recommend saying to a local shop to switch from escort shifters to ALP system. Size was the only thing I could really sell him on, other than that its kinda hard to say "they are better just trust me".
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    2017 BMW F30 330I Uniden R1 & ALP Dual System Install Walk Around

    Hey guys, finally had some time to do a quick video on the install, hopefully this helps any others that get F30 style BMW's or similar interior lay out BMW's! Feel free to critique anything guys!
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    Radar Uniden R1 Crazy Off Axis Alert

    Was buying some parts from a local auto part store the other day and just as I was pulling out an officer pulled in running Ka band, and like an idiot I left and forgot a part I needed so I had to go back and decided to film the Ka alert off axis. If you pause the video at 40 seconds and look...
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    R1/R3 Support for the ALP System?

    Has anyone closer to the companies than most of us like Vortex heard about the possibility of integrating an R1/R3 with the ALP system? I know there is support for the V1, StiR-M,Net-Radar etc etc.. would be kinda cool to have support for the latest big hitter on the block!
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    BMW F30 Laser Jammer Install

    Well I accomplished my installed today. I'm not 100% happy with it, I do have some things I need to change and shore up but it's mostly done. One think I was keen on doing is putting the heads on those shelves by the headlights but they are further than 24 inches apart which is a no no. So lower...
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    Court Date Coming Up

    So i posted a few months ago that i got ticketed for 5 over by a nice cop who i ended up befriending on the side of the road. My court date is coming up and ive had some thoughts. First i was going to cave, pay the fine, do the traffic school and pray my ALP and R1 hold me out for 18 months. But...
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    Anyone in the LA area notice this?

    Ever since I started driving the unspoken rule on the freeway was PSL+10, but for months now (6 months or so to be exact), I've noticed everyone has been driving WAY over that. On my way to work this morning I was at 85 mph cruise control and being passed by multiple cars at easily 95+. It seems...
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    Finally Got Caught!!

    Well I got binned finally, Moto officer running pro-lite binoculars, wrote me for 69mph in a 65mph, whatever traffic school and ticket 300 bucks max oh well, gotta pay to play, I regret selling my ALP system even more now. Anyone have any coupon codes for ALP? *Edit for more info* I used to...
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    Im back and need new counter measures!

    Well 8 months ago i got rid of my Mercedes and got a hummer, no need to have ALP's or V1 in that thing since it barely reaches over the speed limit anyways. But i recently picked up a brand new 3 series bmw and day one almost got a ticket, the moto officers in my area have gotten ruthless with...
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    Added these 3 to the car today.

    The two small ones are for the Scanner and CB and the large one is for the HAM radio. Was skeptical about range, but I was able to talk to my friend on the CB a good 8 miles away, which is plenty far. The scanner gets similar range as well. Ill probably upgrade them as needed but so far Im okay...
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    My ALP install pics

    Here is the front of the car. Im 50/50 on how the heads are placed. I might re do them.
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    How common are rear laser shots in California?

    Anyone have experience with rear shots? I have just front coverage right now on my car since all the laser encounters ive ever had were in the front. Should I be worried about rear shots?
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    Hello from SoCal!

    Hello all, i have been a long time lurker and finally decided to make an account! Current setup: V1 with latest firmware. -X Band Off -K Band Off -KA Band On -Laser Band On ALP Dual Head system. - No Hifi -No Bluetooth