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    LED warning lights DIY

    So I have an R3 on its way via ebay to NZ (btw many thanks to those forum members who offered to help re purchasing) and I now want to build a warning system that displays light and sound. I figured a bluetooth transmitter pairing with my Sena headset would do for the sound part, but there is...
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    Thoughts on Adaptiv TPX

    I'm looking at options for two wheels, mates have the TPX but the reviews are not glowing. My need for a RD is not in town but on the highway so I was considering an NZ R3, R7 or even an craigslist V1, but the hassles people have to hear/see the alerts and install non bike RD's make it a real...
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    Joined up to get a bit of info on RD's, pretty keen on motorcycling and twisty parts of rural NZ.