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  1. Blumagic

    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    My R7s came with the R1 and R3 didn't...
  2. Blumagic

    Uniden R3

    Yes those are good settings to use when I went to Ct last year I used those settings and they work great...2,4,5,6 and 8...
  3. Blumagic

    NC Testing

    USAir767 where did you buy your ALP system from, i'm here in Fayetteville and I am interested in buying me a system...
  4. Blumagic

    First save with a detector.

    Welcome to the R club, you will love the R1...that's what i started with...
  5. Blumagic

    I/O, Oh no! [emoji33]

    Nice video thanks for sharing...
  6. Blumagic

    Radar Fall Foliage & 35.5

    nice video, thanks for sharing...
  7. Blumagic

    R7 barely stretching its legs vs 33.8

    Very nice video, thanks for sharing
  8. Blumagic

    Hi - just switched to R7

    Welcome, great choice with the R7
  9. Blumagic

    Duals are back in stock @ $629.99

    Thanks for the video, I have a 2016 Lincoln MKZ I'm thinking of adding one of these systems into...but my grill space is small...
  10. Blumagic

    Duals are back in stock @ $629.99

    Are these systems hard to install...
  11. Blumagic

    Radar R7 vs 34.7

    Nice video, great range as well...thanks for sharing...
  12. Blumagic

    R7 Alert/Voice Suggestion

    I have my R7 on auto mute and set at 3, and i love it...
  13. Blumagic

    Gotta love the R7

    Very nice Video, thanks for sharing...
  14. Blumagic

    R7 firmware

    Now concerning the stealth capabilities, is it possible that a new update can fix this, of course i saw the video and I heard him say that the RD that had the, 1800 numbers and the 4000 serial numbers were the ones that were undetectable...
  15. Blumagic

    New Vortex YouTube Video RDs

    I remember those days very well...
  16. Blumagic

    Is there such thing as "too high" for the RD to be mounted?

    Yes I agree I would say the higher the better...
  17. Blumagic

    Hi guys from east coast

    Hi there, Glad to have you...
  18. Blumagic

    New R7 on the way, set it up like R3?

    I set my R7 up the same as I did my R3 and I am impressed with it...
  19. Blumagic

    If you don't think arrows are worthy, think again.

    Well after running my R3 for so long, I just wanted to try the R7 and see what the hype was all about and after using it, I kinda like the arrows, with my R3 when i get strong signals that ramp up and down it's hard to tell if the Leo is out from or behind, well I do slow down, but now I can say...
  20. Blumagic

    R7 Visor Clip

    I brought one of these and it works great, and i left mine in the car during the day it was hot, and it did not get hot at all while connected to the visor...