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  1. nighthawk

    Mounting NetRadar in Rear Window (Toyota Tacoma)

    I have a NetRadar antenna and MRCD antenna sitting around from a NetRadar DSP antenna install and was wondering if it would be worth the install to have directional arrows. I have seen some of the points of the different shifting points of the directions due to sensitivity, but the arrows would...
  2. nighthawk

    2nd Gen Tacoma ALP and NetRadar Install

    Here is the ALP install I've been rocking for a few years. The new additions is a TX sensor front and back. For the front, the center head is a TX sensor with two RX sensors on the side. Inside distance is roughly 24.5". The NetRadar DSP is set in the front bumper. The reason the offset is...
  3. nighthawk

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster

    Hey Everyone, Like the title says, long time lurker. Now that I'm more or less free from obligations in life, I decided to get more involved. For the last few years I've been running the ALP quint setup with NetRadar and the MRCD attenna. Recently upgraded to the DSP head and added a TX sensor...