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  1. BMW rider

    V1connection LE and V1Driver capabilities with older V1

    I have a V1 that I bought back in 2003 (software version 3.813) and unfortunately never got around to upgrading before they went "Temporarily out of stock" about 6 months ago. It was nicely concealed within a tank bag on my previous motorcycle along with the Remote Audio Adapter and the...
  2. BMW rider

    Complete Unable to add user bar(s)

    I've been trying without success to add a Uniden R7 user bar to my signature. For some reason the signature editor drops the formatting after I save it and move to a different page. As you can see, it works fine within a post: However, when I try the same text within the signature editor it...
  3. BMW rider

    R7 or Max 360C for a bike?

    I'm riding a '19 BMW R1200GS Adv and have a very long in the tooth V1 (16 years old) that has never been upgraded. Now that I finally decided to upgrade, I get stuck in the "in 2 weeks" infinite loop. So I'm trying to decide between an R7 or Max 360C to replace it. I decided to try the R7 and...
  4. BMW rider


    I decided to finally upgrade my long-in-the-tooth (16 year old) V1 only to discover: "Temporarily out of stock". Researching the Valentine One situation, I stumbled into the forum to begin researching a replacement. I have now added a Uniden R7 to the stable and will be figuring out the best way...
  5. BMW rider

    Getting detector audio into helmet

    I ride a 2019 BMW R1250GS Adv with the TFT display and the BMW Nav VI GPS. For helmet audio, I have a Cardo PackTalk Bold headset with 2 Bluetooth channels. Mobile phone 1 channel is paired with the TFT (music/podcasts and phone calls) and the mobile phone 2/GPS channel is paired to the BMW Nav...