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    Complete No Longer Getting Alerts

    I don't think I changed any preferences, but it appears I'm no longer seeing an indication on the alert icon when someone comments on or likes a post I've made. Any thoughts?
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    Google Maps Reports

    I just noticed that Maps now includes the ability to report road hazards, crashes and slowdowns. I think these were recently added, and make it clear that Google is trying to make Maps more like Waze. I know they own both applications, but maybe this is another indication they're looking to...
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    New Waze EULA

    I was surprised to find earlier today that Waze asked me to agree to share route information with Google Assistant. When I declined, it closed the app. So, it looks like I'm outta luck unless I want to give up more data to the big G.
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    R3 Rides Again

    This is a follow-up I promised @crabu2 in response to a thread started by @MUHooligan. My 2.5 year old, early serial number R3 burnt up on the windshield last month. It still powered on, but no longer detected any radar. After contacting the CS folks at Uniden and receiving an RA number, I...
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    Nice R3 C/O 35.5 Catch

    The R3 actually alerted a couple of seconds before the video starts, so I'm guessing this catch was just under a mile. Not sure what the LEO tactic is here, but given that he's up around a bend, behind trees and blocked by an overpass, I thought this was a decent example of the R3 in action on...
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    Lights Out...

    I'm posting this as a caution to anyone driving with a radar detector and VHF/UHF radio. As you can see in the videos (which I shot to replicate a real-world event that I didn't capture at the time), RF from a handheld VHF/UHF radio can seriously interfere with the operation of the detector...
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    Getting Schooled By The R3

    You learn something new every day, and the R3 is a great teacher. I've driven this same route to work thousands of times and have never encountered an LEO operating K-band in this area. I've never seen anything but Ka and LIDAR, yet here it is (off-axis and with impressive range, no less)...
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    Nice R3 Off Axis Detection

    Thought I'd share this nice example of the R3's in-town, off axis performance. Despite the presence of structures, foliage and being 90 degrees off the antenna's axis, the R3 caught it. --Ka Wide --K Narrow --Ka Filter Off --K Filter On