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  1. Riptide

    Announcing the new TMG VPR system

    The VPR head has no Rx
  2. Riptide

    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Not really since you still have the arrows. Even with a single horn detector I've never felt the need for increased rear sensitivity, but I do like the situational awareness that arrows give. If there was a setting for "don't alert at all if only the rear horn sees an alert" I may use it; I'd...
  3. Riptide

    R7 New firmware 1.29 discussion and Issue / Suggestion Updates

    Volume levels of some alert tones are very different. I haven't run 1.29 yet, but they did not mention fixing this in the changelog.
  4. Riptide

    New Redline 360c?

    If I were them I would make the rear horn external.
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    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    This is a great release to see as it shows that Uniden hasn't given up yet despite the guy spearheading their RD stuff getting poached by Radenso. I look forward to updating my R7. Based on the list of changes, there are definitely still some improvements to be made, I would've liked to have...
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    VPR Head- All Questions Here

    Didn’t someone in Canada get a ticket from a dragon?
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    INFO TMG VPR Head Test

    Thank you for your time and effort @RaggedEdge After looking over the results I have come to a similar conclusion. The TMG hardware and the algorithms they have developed appear quite capable; however, it remains to be seen if they will go through the effort to acquire the guns needed to bring...
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    Much thanks for the testing; very interesting results, especially with the R3 performing as well as it did. What settings were used on the R3?
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    LRD 950

    Sounds like Tallyho's was not precise or accurate. Is yours at least precise? If yes then you may be able to adjust it with some success.
  10. Riptide

    Driving with no number plates

    Don't need front plates in Delaware. Not sure what the penalty is for running without a rear plate, but people here would be more likely to counterfeit a temporary tag I'd imagine. I saw one the other day written on white paper with a sharpie.
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    Purchased Radenso M PRO for Highway driving in NJ

    Nonexistent You're going to need lidar jammers if you want lidar protection while driving NJTP
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    Uniden R7 Firmware updates! Is it coming?

    You may be thinking of the update to the GPS database
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    R7 Questions

    Never thought I'd see the day when the rampup of the 9500ix was being praised. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    R7 Questions

    Should be kept out of the same cabin if you’re trying to avoid interference
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    Other Eye save vs DE River Port Authority

    Please stop trolling or I’ll just have to put you on ignore. The above video isn’t in Delaware nor does it show use of any DragonEye lidar.
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    wait whats wrong with that?
  17. Riptide

    trying this again...360C

    Great price. Hope you don't encounter the sleeping bug.
  18. Riptide

    Redline EX Sleeping on Ka

    Wow I really hope this is an isolated issue; it would be unfortunate if the sleepiness has infected most of Escort's lineup.
  19. Riptide

    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    I wouldn't regret it. The R7 is a great $375 detector. IMHO it isn't a great $600 detector, but I didn't pay that much for mine either.