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    Lidar 4 AM Code Brown

    What a start to a Monday. LEO is blacked out in between the 2 overpasses. I didn't see him until my parking sensors began to alert. I'm pretty grateful for ALP's today!
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    TMG and Older DET Variants

    Today my girlfriend got a PSL +16 ticket while running her TMG's. She was targeted with an older model DragonEye and it was IPT.. If you're in an area where these guns are used, be very cautious. All the heads react fine to laser and has been fine in the past. This was her first DragonEye...
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    Lidar ALP vs. DragonEye

    First hit in my new car. I had plenty of warning with both the Ka alert and the nice F150 driver flashing his high beams. I watched the LED carefully while being hit and it flickered consistantly, but I still need to get my setup tested
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    Cutting Sensors Into Body Panels

    To those who do it, what tools do you use? I saw a very nice install by @VibeCarAudio last week and decided that I want to do it to my car. I've never really done fabrication but even if I screw up, it's only gonna cost me $40 tops. I'll be adding the TX sensor in the center of my Toyota logo. I...
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    Strange ALP Issue

    Back in summer 2016 I would get "automatic sensor check failed - F3" on super hot days, so I imagined the error was related to that. It stopped completely until just a few weeks ago. 2 weeks ago it was about 25°C and I got that sporadic error. I didn't think anything of it, haven't had a error...
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    Lidar What did I do wrong?

    This cop stopped shooting me before I even JTK'd - you can see the external LED in the reflection of the windscreen. In my opinion my JTK wasn't terrible, but the nose dive was very very real. I've pondered on it for a week and still don't fully know what happened/why it happened. Nonetheless...
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    2006 Toyota Matrix - TMG Dual

    I went driving with my girlfriend for the first time in a while a couple of days back. During this cruise I realized that the TMG's sitting under my workbench would do us a bigger service installed on her car. It was quite honestly the easiest install ever - just slightly over 2 hours from start...
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    Amateur Radar Review

    It's not terrible, but he's got a lot to learn. I don't like how he indirectly said JTG is fine.... And nobody likes the Redline?
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    Lidar 35 in a 60

    What's the point?
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    Lidar Ghost LEO...

    First laser hit since July (Minus photo lidar)! But, was it real? I went for a quick rip to play with my new headlights in the dark and got a surprise laser hit. As you can see, there's literally nowhere to hide and the external LED makes it seem as if this wasn't a false.. The Ka from behind is...
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    Just thought I'd let my Canadian friends know that Walmart now sells Sugru! They're located in the arts and crafts section near the paint canvas'. They're around the same price as ordering it online and they're sold in packs of 3 which imo is super convenient and fair. In my experience it...
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    Edmonton Warzone

    I've been in Edmonton for almost 4 hours, where only about an hour and a half have been in the car. I've counted 7 DragonEye, and 2 MRCD encounters. All the usual spots, except one DragonCam overpass shot on Highway 2. This was Northbound just before the Henday. I hit it going a good speed, so...
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    External LED Fix

    Last year I wrecked my external LED installing it in my VW. It worked in the VW, but once I pulled it out again, no bueno. I tried to order one but kmph wants $29.99 + shipping which is too expensive for my liking. Anyways, this afternoon I was pretty restless so I thought I'd give the repair a...
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    Lidar Bigger Fish to Fry

    The bike and I clearly weren't going fast enough for this LEO, so I'm not too sure whether this is a save or not. JTK was at PSL +4. Cop is standing on the corner at 0:17.
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    Lidar ALP vs. Vitronic Poliscan

    The Poliscan cherry got popped last night. It terrified me because I was going a tad fast. I'm running 2 standard and 1 TX on the rear so I'm not sure how I'd do. Thankfully it was on the other side of the road and was just a scatter shot. So no ticket :D I don't know how the members from down...
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    Running NR DSP/Uniden R3 in Tandem

    I've seen a lot of good deals on the Uniden R3 lately and have wanted one since they were announced May 2017. It would likely be ran on K/Ka wide since those are both viable threats in my area. It's really hard to have K enabled on the DSP without being able to store the signal. I run my ALP's...
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    Calgary Testing

    So thinking about doing all the tests with TMG will have me on quite a time constraint. Instead of doing TMG and ALP on the same day, I'm now going to split them up into 2. I know there's a few people in Southern Alberta that need to be tested, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to...
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    *NEED GUNS* Looking for Everybody's Help

    Hey guys! I will be getting my hands on the new TMG jammer in the coming weeks. I'm hoping to get everybody's help with acquiring as many laser guns as possible. VPR/VPRR or not. A Stalker XLR is almost a must, and a few more DET guns, full size or not would be a giant plus. I of course will...
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    Lidar Slaying Dragons

    PSL is 60. The car in front of me is doing about 70. Sorry about all the confusion, uploading to RDF is what I'll have to do from now on! DragonSlayin by System posted May 2, 2018 at 7:40 PM
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    Firmware Update 5.4.6/7.7

    Latest Firmware version is now public and able to install. At the bottom of the email it says there's an update for the NR-DSP to help with MRCD detection. @BestRadarDetectors how do we get that update?