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    I have an R7 and just bought a Mazda Cx5 now what

    1. what for better BSM 2. Sell on Ebay 3. Shut do K to 30% what to do? Thanks
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    Any R7 users drive a Mazda CX 5

    Which derector do you use ,,,,,, sucessfully
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    Maybe we could benefit by a brand vs brand forum

    I can buy an R 7 for 467 and a rendenso pro M for 449 i would take the one with arrows for a few dollars more but radenso pro m is no slouch and some profer the Pro M swe what I mean i hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post and need to hire a lawyer
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    V1 returning in mid Jan 2020

    This was just to show just how many V1 enthusiasts would jump at a chance to get a new V1 even with few changes Just like we talk about Radenso’s Thela coming out and the enthusiasm that brings the intent wasn’t to make People floor their cars and go batty I’m still just. A V1 lover whose...
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    So let’s say the V1 returns mid Jan 2020

    How many do you figure MV will sell First month even if similar to the previous current model Heck I’m Jonesing for One o
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    Forgetting arrows has anyone compared the R7 to the Radenso XP

    Has anyone compared distance and BSM on the R7 vs -the. Radenso XP
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    At what point do we prefer the R7 to the MAX 360

    The distance on the R 7 is amazing but I keep dialing it back 80% down to 50 % on X And K still chatty As hell was hoping for better BSM downloads by now Did anyone just say lockouts if I dial it down any further I might as well sell it and go MAX
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    Now that we’re all excited when is. The new redenso game changer being launched

    Please no two weeks responses 6 months 1 year i need to start saving for a $1200 Game changer
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    Complete Black background

    Is anyone else having difficulty reading this new black backround look
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    I’m seeing members post numerous well thought out upgrades and areas of improvement on the R7 I’m hearing turnover and other issues such as poor customer service at Uniden I’m wondering if they are done spending Cleaning out talented employees who could fine tune the R7 like escort did with...
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    Complete want to post a detector for sale

    Hello all I want to place an add for fully funtional working detector on the classified listings ( Escort Max 360 ) I'll list price Shipping photos but wondering the best way to sell Is the preferred method Paypal to protect everyone or since I own a business do a Visa Master card sale...
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    SWITCHED FROM MAX 360 TO THE R7 - the K 24.1 is killing me

    Has anyone else switched from the Max 360 to the R7 and been driven crazy by the constant k 24.1 blasts Should I return the R7 and go back to the Max 360 or wait for a V1 Can someone suggest how the deal/setup the R7 to minime the constant barage ok false k 24.1 Is there a way to use...
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    Setting up Ka segmentation on the R7

    Where can I find out which Ka segments I should turn on for Southern New Jersey
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    Sold my Max 360 on eBay

    Buyer ( his first radar units ) wants to Return ... feels it’s odd he can easily see the LEDs in the arrows but not so on OLED when mounted on windshield , not sure if he has is driving the car with his/her top down Claims he called Escort and they told him the OLED. Should be bright and vivid...
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    R7 Visor Clip

    Anyone found a visor clip that would work with the R7 1565549943 Oops I see Vortex mentions using the Radenso clip and shaving it down an 1/8 of an inch ( I guess with a file ) Vortex is on top of everything Thanks Vortex
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    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    Before I plunk down $600 plus I’m wondering. How users of the R7 feel about the unit Is it built to last or are there issues I had to return a MAX 360 because of flimsy mute buttons and a bad cup mount
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    a novice enthusiast