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    V1 problems

    Did you do a factory reset?
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    I have an R7 and just bought a Mazda Cx5 now what

    So I backed out on the Mazda Anyone know if the Acura RDX is any Better on the BSM falsing Tks
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    I have an R7 and just bought a Mazda Cx5 now what

    yes a redenso R3 would be a easy answer but have you ever tried to sell a detector on ebay?
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    I have an R7 and just bought a Mazda Cx5 now what

    1. what for better BSM 2. Sell on Ebay 3. Shut do K to 30% what to do? Thanks
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    V1 update ?

    Vortex has a nice way of getting info and perhaps Mike should try to get it all insync And launch on Valentines Day With a $50 off one day only special To create a buying frenzy
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    Maybe we could benefit by a brand vs brand forum

    No worries I’m done goodbye
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    Any R7 users drive a Mazda CX 5

    Which derector do you use ,,,,,, sucessfully
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    Maybe we could benefit by a brand vs brand forum

    I can buy an R 7 for 467 and a rendenso pro M for 449 i would take the one with arrows for a few dollars more but radenso pro m is no slouch and some profer the Pro M swe what I mean i hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post and need to hire a lawyer
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    V1 update ?

    A V1 is a non plastic radar detector made by MV
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    V1 returning in mid Jan 2020

    This was just to show just how many V1 enthusiasts would jump at a chance to get a new V1 even with few changes Just like we talk about Radenso’s Thela coming out and the enthusiasm that brings the intent wasn’t to make People floor their cars and go batty I’m still just. A V1 lover whose...
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    My only fear about Radenso’s. Theila is that it might be twice the size of an R7 With all the possibilities it might prseent
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    When its time to move on

    Always update before you sell Some buyers are not that savvy and think Your unit defective if it lacks the latest and greatest
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    Got new R7 now sell R3 or Escort Max360?

    Selling a used detector on Ebay is not an easy job Its a different crowd People look for a new detector ( or hot one) at a used price
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    Jon Good Luck with the production and design of Thela Adding arrows to a Radenso would itself be a winning combo But this AI is mind blowing (and Pricey) Can't Wait
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    Impressions: New Uniden R7 user after 9 years with a V1

    memk86 just catching up - what do you have your R7 set at -- you know x at 40% K at whatever thanks
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    At what point do we prefer the R7 to the MAX 360

    really I’ve been using the R 7 for 6 months and ready to jump ship to the Radenso Pro M
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    When its time to move on

    Who cares 1576990397 It’s not that easy to sell a detector on Ebay they are overstocked and people like to try out your unit and return it at your expense some people are looking for a new detector for a used price just saying
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    So let’s say the V1 returns mid Jan 2020

    How many do you figure MV will sell First month even if similar to the previous current model Heck I’m Jonesing for One o
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    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    Try circuit city. I got mine new for $429
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    When its time to move on

    i mean Radenso is the new V1 Cult, cool, and cuttting edge