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    Smart cord alert light

    The "alert" light is staying on all the time now. Even when there is no alert. Is my cord going bad?? It's a pretty new max 360 with the factory cord. Thanks
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    Going to take the jump

    I brought the Cobra dual pro 360 aka beltronic gt360 radar detector based off the max platform. Im getting tons of rear falses on it. Really left a sour taste in my mouth with anything from the Max 360 family line). I did the lastest update and that improved enough that i trust it, but it still...
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    Are detectors without side arrows missing much

    My detector only has arrows for front and rear (beltronic gt360 and dualpro 360). Are the side arrows on the max360, v1,r7, etc really something special I'm missing. I see that they both flip to the sides when you pass your source or get pretty close with is nice.
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    Dualpro 360 i don't trust it

    I just brought a dualpro 360 and it's a $500 paperweight because i don't trust it. When it works it's a good detector, but it keeps locking onto a signal then it gets stuck on that single signal till i turn it off and on. I can turn into a forest area with no one area and it's still alerting me...
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    Hello everyone. Happy to be on here with all the knowledge members.