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  1. mikedotd

    I got rear ended this morning

    Sorry man, I hope you and your family end up OK. Cars can be fixed or replaced, people are more fragile and irreplaceable. My WRX STi was rear ended twice, and the driver side door backed into once. Some cars are just cursed. :(
  2. mikedotd

    Stinger VIP 4.10.03

    When I tried that with my last car on earlier firmware, it did quiet things down (including other cars BSM's), but it also would FalseList police radar too. The UI behavior sucks too, even though it's not audibly alerting to filtered K-band signals, it still makes the display go yellow and...
  3. mikedotd

    Stinger VIP 4.10.03

    When I uninstalled my VIP and laser squares from my last car I ended up cutting the cable that goes between the radar box and in-cabin CPU. For months I tried ordering one online from Stinger in the US but their cart system would always fail processing my credit card with a merchant ID error...
  4. mikedotd

    Band Seg Setup for northeast states

    MASP has K and Ka 2,5,8, but the highways are primarily lidar. Waze will be a big help.
  5. mikedotd

    How many are running their Max 360 or Max 360c in Auto mode to quiet BSMs?

    My driving environment involves lots of hills, curves, and year round foliage off highway, while on highway is typically so congested you can't even speed. So ironically I found I need my Max360 in Highway mode around town for maximum range in the difficult terrien, while on the highway I need...
  6. mikedotd

    Redline BSM update?

    Nope, nothing was ever released for the Redline to address BSM falses. You'll need to buy a modern RD to get better filtering.
  7. mikedotd

    Redline EX Sleeping on Ka

    Running an M3 antenna inside and outside should be fine as far as interference goes.
  8. mikedotd

    Redline EX Sleeping on Ka

    Out of curiosity, how does the BSM filtering on the EX compare to the STiR-Plus? It's been a long time since I ran a Plus and I'm curious how much of an improvement the EX is on filtering.
  9. mikedotd

    Not to be Rude, but Why Ever Use Escort?

    X2, the Max/Max II are the only RD's I'd recommend to a (non-RD enthusiast) family member today. Auto-lockouts, pretty good BSM filtering, no weird bugs, and only a single antenna to keep it simple and quieter than a dual antenna RD. Truly set it and forget it.
  10. mikedotd

    DoNotPay App - has anyone used it?

    At least for speeding tickets the VinWiki guys have been advertising I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but since you posted this in the help I got a ticket section I figured I'd mention it.
  11. mikedotd

    BSM/Adaptive Cruise

    The small round proximity sensors in the bumper of my VW Golf R would sometimes cause K band falses on my Stinger VIP and non-DSP netradar when mounted by the front license plate, so there's potential for issues if Audi is using the same system. None of my windshield RD's go off unless I disable...
  12. mikedotd

    V1 update ?

    Seriously, who knows. I'm about ready to break out the Ouiji board and summon Miss Cleo to read VR's future.
  13. mikedotd

    Crossing the Border

    I've crossed the US/Canadian border many times with LJ's without issue. My cousin's husband was a US border patrol agent, he didn't know anything about RD's or LJ's. Maybe turn the system off while at the checkpoint so there's 0 chance of it going off, but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. mikedotd

    V1 . . . it's the little things that I would miss . . .

    I ended up doing the same thing a about a year ago. The sticky cup V1 mount has never failed me while those suction cups have.
  15. mikedotd

    V1 Savvy use on other Radar Detectors like Escort?

    Yeah, the savvy module will power the Max360, just make sure you set the savvy wheel to off (or 0, whatever it is) otherwise you'll be blasting the Max360 with mute button presses below the speed threshold, which will cause the Max360 to lockout/unlockout signals.
  16. mikedotd

    INFO Discord Chat Integration - How to set up

    At least for me I see the chat box at the bottom of the page (, but it's returning a 404: "Not Found The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again."
  17. mikedotd

    Advice for CT, MA, VT

    Yeah, if you search for JBV1 offline mode there's some steps that will let you run it without a V1 being connected. Personally I haven't used the aerial alerts in either app, but I know it's a feature.
  18. mikedotd

    Advice for CT, MA, VT

    You're running a great setup for lidar and radar, enjoy the drive. :) Aerial surveillance is definitely a thing in NH though, if you're planning on putting the hammer down there I would run JBV1 in offline mode with PAWS or Highway Radar with Aircraft Alerts enabled.
  19. mikedotd

    V1 WILL be updated

    Huh, both my desktop browser and phone browser show it still being temporarily out of stock. I'm guessing this was some error and/or indication of life at VR. Please keep us posted if you get an order update or V1 delivery!
  20. mikedotd

    V1 WILL be updated

    Not funny.