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    Installing jammers on a POS with 125k miles? lol

    I have like 280,000 miles and am still rocking jammers. It doesn't matter what you drive, any citation sucks :P
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    Fraser Valley Rally

    If my Mazda is healthy by the deadline I'm in. I was planning on painting it May long so this cuts me super tight :(
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    Fraser Valley Rally

    What's the buy in? I only see the deposit on the site
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    (Video) Laser Shot in College Station

    If the TMG's missed it, it's most likely scatter
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    ALP heads and pressure washers?

    I pressure wash my car at least once a week in all temps and have never had an issue. Canadian winter #5 on all original heads. They've probably seen 300+ pressure washes
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    ALP Ownership Information

    Don't we have better things to do than spread rumors? I thought we were adults. Thanks for standing behind and bringing a terrific product to market, BRD. I wouldn't use any other systems on my vehicle
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    New from Calgary, AB

    Welcome from Calgary :)
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    Should I install Singer in BMW M50i X7?

    ALP + DSP front and rear. It surprises me every single day with the range and accuracy of arrows
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    Nothing detects redflex reliably. Every detector I've ever ran alerts in or after the kill zone
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    Police Impersonator Made Traffic Stop In Bentley With Lights, Sirens, Radar

    That's exactly what I'm saying lol
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    Police Impersonator Made Traffic Stop In Bentley With Lights, Sirens, Radar

    Now that the cops own it I hope they use it. 100% free squad car!
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    Lawyer Cost for a speeding ticket

    Yeah ex-cop sorry. That's what I told her to do. She has a perfect record and the ticket was scummy, her hammers failed too so it was an all around bad situation. Her car was misfiring so she was just keeping it at (x) km/h to avoid complete breakdown
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    Lawyer Cost for a speeding ticket

    My girlfriend called for a quote a few weeks back - the lawyer wanted $340, plus the cost of the ticket to get 2 points removed. It was a $140 ticket. I'm not sure if this is normal or just inflated because the ticket is so low
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    Need Advice Please

    Heywood summarized it beautifully. The only suggestion I can recommend for the Calgary photo radar trucks is Waze. 99% of the time they're marked, and marked accurately. I don't even run K in the city anymore because I can detect it maybe 1/3 times, and by the time my detector does go off it...
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    What Info Your Connected Car Is Gathering On You . . And Uploading

    Time to wrap my car in tin foil
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    Blackvue 750s 2ch rear camera intermittent connection issue

    I'm having the same issue as you. Just started last week. The only way I can get the camera to power back on is if I blow out the contacts with an air compressor. I haven't touched anything since last Saturday and it has been working fine so I think its the cable as well. The cables are like $40...
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    Redflex vans Calgary

    Stinger was the only system that reliably detected Redflex every single time, but they lost their touch. It's a shame they started to focus on laser because now they've lost their touch in it all. Just know where they usually hide and use Waze, you'll be fine. Photo radar vehicles are always...
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    Recording Photo Trucks

    No, but I've just never heard of it there. I know Red Deer has a lot of lidar enforcement, so mobile units don't surprise me. I just want to find one so we exactly what we're playing with
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    ALPconnect JTK

    I've had this happen against legacy guns, but on HiFi. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a one off but having it happen in the wild isn't cool..
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    Recording Photo Trucks

    I didn't even know Red Deer had photo radar trucks. Is there anywhere they hang out consistantly? I'll be going through Red Deer in a couple of hours and wouldn't mind making a few passes