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  1. TheBigDirty

    R3 Secondary Alert?

    So I've noticed a few times now. When my R3 is alerting to KA band (haven't noticed on K but might just be coincidence) and it's not all the time on KA band. That I get a secondary beep/alert in between my regular KA alert tone. Anyone else notice this? I thought possibly it's an alert to RDD...
  2. TheBigDirty

    Hmmmm. This is new...

    So. I nabbed a refurbished R3 on ebay for my brother in law in Alberta (for Xmas) where these are completely legal. I'm in a province where detectors are illegal. I've purchased dozens of units over the years without issue. I just received an message from eBay's global shipping program. "We are...
  3. TheBigDirty

    R1/R3 Weight/Dimensions

    Yeah I know. Why? Lol Just wondering if someone can provide the dimensions of the R1 box (or R3) and how much it weighs with the contents all inside. Thanks in advance! Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
  4. TheBigDirty

    H1 Wiring Acura

    So a friend has a 2002 Acura RSX. I purchased some H1 bulbs for him. Led. And they have the bare metal tabs (no connectors). So I searched and it appears all led bulbs. No matter the brand. In H1. Come with the 2 metal tabs. No connectors. He said there was no way to connect them. That he'd...
  5. TheBigDirty

    20" Truck Tires With OWL OR RWL

    So I was extremely disappointed with BFGoodrich when they discontinued the 20" KO2 RWL tires. I had purchased the KO and KO2 for years mainly because I loved those RWL. Anyone who didn't like the RWL always just ran them inside. BFG told me they discontinued them due to lack of demand which is...
  6. TheBigDirty

    Stand Alone Netradar DSP

    Just wondering what I need to purchase to have a stand alone DSP. I can't afford the parking sensors right now. Just wanted to start off with the radar portion. Then pick up a sensor now and then to complete the package. Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
  7. TheBigDirty

    Banned Prohibited Illegal Areas R1/R3 Users Only

    TO START OFF. PLEASE DON'T ARGUE OR BASH HERE ABOUT THE R SERIES STEALTH (FULLY UNDETECTABLE VS FUNCTIONALLY STEALTH ETC) I have read a lot of the posts on here and there's been arguing and bashing back and fourth about it is stealth or its not etc. I know the background for the most part. I've...
  8. TheBigDirty

    Uniden R1 R3 Visor Mount

    Just an FYI. There's a Canadian Seller working on a visor mount for these units. I've purchased several permanent and visor mounts for past escort and beltronics units from them. Decently made. I'm patiently waiting. I modded an escort/bel one for now. But it doesn't lock (it could if I spent...
  9. TheBigDirty

    R1 Laser False Ram 1500 or 2500

    Hi My uncle bought an R1. In the past 2 days. He's had 4 laser falses. He did leave the lens protector on it first. Shrink wrap stuff. The first day he got 3 falses on a country road. And it was sunny. Today he had another. It was cloudy. He just took the plastic off the lens today. But was...