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  1. maxka

    R7 ka

    I have a r7 and whenever i goto my smoke shop it sets the ka off i see satelite dishes on the roofs thats all i can think of is this normal?
  2. maxka

    R7 from R3

    Just got my r7 and had a nice 35.5 local encounter and can say it beats the r3 !! I thought I was gonna bring this thing back hahaha it's a keeper and I don't even think I have the latest firmware installled 121.122.111? Also it's much quieter then the R3 which I like
  3. maxka

    Speed camera

    Was in the work truck and no RD got 32 in a 30 first speed light ticket I've gotten are these fairly easy to fight ?
  4. maxka

    R7 going in the work truck

    R7 will be here Monday ordered yesterday , will have lots of videos to come !! All I do is drive this should be fun.
  5. maxka

    Caption this pic

  6. maxka

    WA drivers to be fined $1200 for laser jammer use Time to say goodbye to that laser jammer Not sure if this is old news, but that sucks.
  7. maxka

    Radar 35.4 R3

    Got alert before I got my cell phone out good mile detection. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. maxka

    Mounting Points

    Where should I mount my two front alp heads?
  9. maxka

    Howto properly level / mount WS RD?

    Any tips?
  10. maxka

    1.31 filtering

    I have to say been passing alot of new Honda's and it's dead silent and not even running K filter. So far bad ass! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. maxka

    New cars with have Lidar

    It look's like Honda new collision free system will have lidar and radar. Sorry could only find video on FB.
  12. maxka

    33.8 save!

    I just had an amazing save with the R3 against 33.8. First time ever seeing 33.8, the R3 gave me atleast a mile detection. I kept saying where the hell is he, def need to invest in a dash cam now, I'm always on the road for work so it would be a good investment. The R3 is a work horse saving the...
  13. maxka

    R3 vs low power k band sign

    R3 in some tough terrain sniffing out K band
  14. maxka

    K Ka

    Why do some areas run K band and some run Ka. Is K band just old and being upgraded with Ka? I do see new SUV running K band local just curious. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. maxka

    Franklin, MA K band freq

    Second encounter with local PD running K 24.112. Glad the R3 picks up K band very well. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  16. maxka

    ALP placement 2017 si

    Will this be ok for sensor location? yellow being TX sensor.
  17. maxka

    K save

    Right before my apartment complex there is a nice straight away, he was sitting right around the corner with rear radar only K band. Nice save by the R3 cause I usually punch it on the straight.
  18. maxka

    R3 2017 Civic SI

    Finally was able to hard wire the R3 in today. I'm very happy with the concealment. You can hardly see it from the outside.
  19. maxka


    I'm using the ciggerate power cord that was provided and I'm seeing 14.2v on cold start then goes to 13.8v and may vary. Not sure if the connection is solid or affecting, I have the direct cord just haven't had time to install it. Just curious if voltage plays in any factors. Sent from my...
  20. maxka

    How to use lock out R3

    I'm sitting in the parking lot of UPS and when I hit lockout for a K signal it's still beeping at me. What am I doing wrong? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk