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    Stinger VIP 4.10.03

    Version: 4.10.03 Date: October 4, 2019 This is an important update that is recommended for all Stinger systems using a Computer Center (version 10 or higher). It contains numerous changes, such as: - Improved (false alert) filtering. - User interface and alerting enhancements. - Section Control...
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.16

    There is a new FW available: Version: CC 4.4.16 Date: April 4, 2019 This update is recommended for all Stinger systems with a Computer Center It includes changes including: - Further improved filtering. - User Interface improvements. - Globally available expertmode (if used with Vip/View...
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    Stinger has just released couple of new updates: VIP Software 4.4.00 Date: January 30, 2019 Version: 4.4.00 This update is recommended for all Stinger Systems with a Computer Center (such as Stinger VIP). It offers several bug fixes, and changes that are required for our new Laser Center...
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    Stinger VIP 4.2.10

    There is a new firmware update 4.2.10 available: Version 4.2.10 UK This is an important update that is recommended for all Stinger VIP systems*. It offers several performance improvements, such as for SpotList, laser (extra systems added, better filtering), and radar (much improved filtering...
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    Uniden R1/R3 against Multanova 6F (34.3GHz, low powered)?

    Has anyone done any testing against Multanova 6F with the new Uniden detectors? I am looking for a second "back-up" detector for low powered Ka-Band only, since the detection of my Stinger VIP is getting less on Ka-Band due to all the filtering. So a detector with good BSM filtering and long...
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    Check Receiver Wiring Error + No updates possible

    Hello, I have a 9500ci MTR system (Multaradar) here, which shows the common check receiver wiring issue. Furthermore I tried to update the firmware, but without success: The detector gets recognized, but when I try to update the firmware the update window shows again in an infinite loop. It...
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    List of traffic surveillance in Europe

    This is a thread to combine all the CM information of Europe! If you can contribute information about your country, please post everything you know and I will update the first post! xyd also mentioned that this data will be integrated in the wiki system. Please use the following template, for...
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    Hey guys, followed the invitation from Riptide! Just wanted to say hi and looking forward for some serious technical discussion! Regards from Europe!