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    PSL 19 over in NY

    My buddy just got a speeding ticket in NY. I was wondering if he should request a supporting deposition or just plea not guilty. Anyone got first hand experience with the Bath town court? The state police forgot to sign the box that ask for "Radar Officer's Signature". :confused:
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    New photo blocker license plate sticker Seems legit to the naked eyes
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    One nice trooper

    This was a while back when i headed down to Maine for the lobster festival. The cop was behind me for approximately 5mins, pacing my speed. I thought to myself, they don't ride on motorcycles anymore. Man was i totally wrong:ughh:. He pulled up next to me, stared at me and started giving me the...
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    ALP vs Pro Laser 3

    Sneaky cop right around the curve. Posted speed limit is 40 :thumbsdown:
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    Radar Jammers I know radar jammers are illegal but is this legitimate?
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    2008 bmw 535i e60

    I traded in my Honda Si about a year ago and picked up an Bmw e60. Back when I had my SI, I used to own a passport max + dual LI. Sold both of those CMs and picked up a v1 + and most recently triple alp :p. (Top View of the triple ALP) (Passenger side) (Passenger side leveler) (Driver...
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    Got a 1180D Today

    I got pulled over for doing 52 in a 40. I got a ticket for "Speed in zone" 1180D, he was using radar coming down from the opposite direction. Should I fight it myself or hire a lawyer? This is my first ticket.
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    8.18 issue?

    I done some testing with xbnipx and i am having instant pt. Is anyone else having this issue because when I was running on 8.16a, I was able to jtg easily.
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    Honda si

    Right now my LI is jtg when testing with my friends Truespeed20/20. i want to make it more stealth. If I move my jammers to the bottom near the fog lights, would I still be able to jtg? @Andrew21 suggestions?
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    Ticket for speeding(visual?)

    MY friend and I were cruising along the highway having fun. An SI driving along side of an STI. SI: Dual LI and passport max v.1.8. STI : Latest version of Valentine One I was in front of my friend as were driving down the highway at 70mph but both of us missed the sign saying that the speed...
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    K bands

    Which k bands frequency should I look out for in Pa/NJ? Also which frequency are false alerts thanks!
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    34.7 Forward facing C/o Working zone is being enforced. Running v1.8 escort Max and waze. Location: U.S 219S Not much of a save as I was only doing +7-10 over psl before the first alert. Does anyone have a good estimated guess on how far I detected this po-po? :D
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    Static Shock on the LI heads

    Has anyone ever experience this problem where when you touch the LI heads(firing area next to the bubble), you create a huge shock that you could physically see and feel? Any possible damage can occur?
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    Dual LI Heads in action

    I was traveling down 190 toward Niagara falls, going at a speed on 65-70mph; speed limit here is 55mph :mad:. As soon as I heard my LI, I dropped my speed instantly to around 56-58mph and turned off the Jammer. << Was I saved or nah, the cop didn't care? Opinions...
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    2008 honda CRV

    I have a 2008 honda CRV and thinking about placing a dual head in the front when I'm traveling to Florida. Will dual heads be enough to protect me from IPT? Also where should I place the dual heads for maximum protection?
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    LI in a 2011 Honda Si

    [Updated] LI in a 2011 Honda Si More pictures will be posted! Testing and leveling it hopefully tomorrow! Updated 3-11-14 Right side: Left side: .
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    Laser Interceptor Black Tuesday Started!

    $499.00 Laser Interceptor Dual FREE External Speaker and Tester! We price match our competitors' products! For the b.. $499.00 Laser Interceptor Dual BMW Edition FREE External Speaker and Tester! We price match our competitors' products! For the b.. $899.00 Laser Interceptor High Power...
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    Ka Radar

    By any chance anyone got a Ka radar in NYC that I could swing by and test out my max? I wish there's another ECCTG radar test! ;(
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    Which laser jammer do you recommend?

    I'm currently a college student with not a lot of money(the lower the better for my wallet). I'm in the market for a laser jammer. I don't speed a lot but at night time people are traveling 70+ on a 55mph zone. I stay at 70. I have a escort max radar detector. Can you guys suggest a laser...
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    Is my passport max defected?

    I was driving today on the highway on the very far right(3 lanes). I start receiving ka 34.78 alerts(4bars, less than half). 2 seconds later, the cop is on the opposite side(6 lane from me) sitting there waiting for speeder. My max still only have 4-5 bars. Shouldn't my max alert me with almost...