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  1. Kennyc56

    Cost of ALP install versus DIY - Mustang GT

    @mustang500 I have a 2013 Boss 302 with TMG G2 duals in the front and they are killing it at every test we've run so far! The rear heads will be my next project. I also got my first save with them a couple of weeks ago in Va. of all places! I did my own install and enjoyed it a lot! You just...
  2. Kennyc56

    Not to be Rude, but Why Ever Use Escort?

    Funny thing is, I own 5 R1's and not one of them has a single problem! I only bought one of them new, the rest came from our forum. They are all 5 pure monsters! They all alert within a few feet of each other during testing. I am running all of them in 4 different cars, 2 of them are in Jane's...
  3. Kennyc56

    First day with a new 360c

    That's damn sure how I would fix it! It's hard to believe that they also built the Redline-O!
  4. Kennyc56

    Radar Talking about a selective LEO

    Like I've said a million times, you just can't beat all out range in these situations! My R1's do this all the time! At first I didn't believe the alerts were legit but time after time I go around that curve and over that hill and BINGO! There he is again! 1576294129 Leave it to you Mike to...
  5. Kennyc56

    Radar Uniden R3 34.7 Ka band "sort of" close call

    Great video @RoadDogg ! Sucks to be the Lexus! Even after owning my first R1 for almost 2 years now, these R series detectors still blow me away!
  6. Kennyc56

    Slow traffic, no one overtakes!

    We have 3 other Mustangs with gutless V6's that we drive to work in, we do the same thing with them! You just have to get a much bigger head start and hit them with a much smaller hammer Ha Ha!
  7. Kennyc56

    Slow traffic, no one overtakes!

    I love when they do it when we're driving the Boss 302! Like I've said in other posts, it's all about timing! I just assume everyone I pass is going to be a b&%$# so I just blow by them before they know what hit them! If they do decide to be stupid, then I'll rely on my TMG's, my R1 and my...
  8. Kennyc56

    Impressions: New Uniden R7 user after 9 years with a V1

    I've been running a hot 3.872 V1 for years as well and while I'll always love it, it's range and off axis isn't in the same world as my R1's much less a R7! I don't own a R7, but I've run @VariableWave 's and tested another forum member's R7 for over a month and had no problems with the arrows...
  9. Kennyc56

    Picked Up A CR95

    I haven't run my 95 in quite awhile! I think I'll get it out of the ole' closet and play with it again for a couple of days! For the last several months I've been running my ''ghetto arrow'' R1/Redline-O combos in 3 different Mustangs and they have been crushing it with no drama! Once again, I...
  10. Kennyc56

    What was your first car?

    My first car was a 65 ford Galaxie 500! I still miss this car today, especially the big back seat! ;) . This is not mine, mine was dark green! It had a 352 with a shoe box 4bbl and duals!^^^ This is a dead ringer for mine except for the hubcaps!
  11. Kennyc56

    Lucky overtake, no radar from the LEO

    I go through this all the time! I always just assume that they will always be an idiot so I blast by them and get a good gap on them before they know what hit them! That's when having a R1 comes in handy! I always try to time it so I'm not coming to a hill or curve when I make the pass, unless...
  12. Kennyc56

    Radar Some I/O action

    Great videos @Marty K ! Sometimes I wonder about that visual confirmation BS!
  13. Kennyc56

    Complete Real or just a joke

    HELL YES! I was hacked too! I Pm'd all of the security guys about this! I thought I was going nuts! WTF?
  14. Kennyc56

    GATG results on my 2011 Mustang install

    Come to think of it, I've only had a couple of Pt's during all of out testing and it was on test mode as well! Looking at the video after, it was right at 4 seconds as well, just like it was in auto sleep mode! Next test we run I'll take a hard look at this! All of my auto sleep mode runs have...
  15. Kennyc56

    Pic of the TMG VPR head.

    I'm very happy with my setup! I'm going to get my rear heads next and test and drive with that for a while! @VariableWave and I are working on a plan for mounting them. It will be awhile before I change CPU's and try the new heads.
  16. Kennyc56

    Pic of the TMG VPR head.

    Killer! Can't wait to test these bad boys out and see what they've got!
  17. Kennyc56

    Uniden R3 Ka 35.5 Encounter

    That was a kick @ss detection @RoadDogg ! That R3 is a monster! Sounds like he switched antennas a time or 2 as well! That's something these NC Troopers love doing as well since getting these Stalkers. There could have been another cop lurking as well! Great video! After watching it again there...
  18. Kennyc56

    Unhitched trailer on a blind overpass.

    Jeez! WTF! That's why we can't have nice things!
  19. Kennyc56

    Dying to disable K-band on my new R3 on a road trip. Shall I?

    Nobody hates K band worse than me! That being said, I have it set up 3 ways at all times! Highway mode, Advanced mode and city mode. You can change it on the fly with the button right in front! I'm also on 1.50 with K block, TFS, and K filter on. 99% of the time I'm running advanced mode @ 70%...
  20. Kennyc56

    Where do I get my TMG tested?

    I'm sure as hell glad I got to meet you at our test that day! You are a scream and you keep me laughing! This was a test that was thrown together in a matter of minutes! Next time, I'll get you here if I have to drag your @ss!!! :argh::banjo::dance: