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    LI fail

    in the countermeasure testing section, a post shows the laser interceptor jamming effectively except the dragon eye. I still use them, even though I have alp for extended trips. We only have the LTI stuff here, and truspeed in my city. It detects and stops them fine with 8.20 firmware.It also...
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    Any complaints on 8.18? What is difference to 8.20..ty

    It will no longer alert to most dragon eyes in ecm mode. The newest hardware is 8.20 and it works on everything except dragon eye and rumors are some newer tru speeds are detected but ignores the jammer.
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    Troubleshooting a sensor check failure

    Same here. Both my heads are retired
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    US TPX Laser Jammer allegedly jams Dragoneye

    Dragon eye needs a steady arm when shooting as well.
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    What the cost of the DragonEye laser gun and where it can be obtainted?

    LEOS run countermeasures as well to protect their job. And have friends and family that also run countermeasures. Being said, we have to keep that quiet to protect thier jobs. Also ALP is very smart. It knows when "You" are being targeted and singled out and with "what". I will keep it at that.
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    Black Paint (ala vantablack)

    That car is gone. The bumper, grille,fascia above headlights,outside of mirrors, inner fender well behind both front tires👍
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    What's Stinger up to?

    Stinger technical support explained to me, thats poking the bear, to show a manufacturers brand and or firmware in the open, but the engineers base the software by the products used today.
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    10 year run ticket free finally ended

    That stalker is expensive as hell.
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    LI X

    Do you prefer escort over TMG?
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    Radar Instant Owned; Driver nabbed doing 30-40kmh over the limit

    NEVER USE A RABBIT. I used one and his sport's car blew past the cop so fast, the cop left him alone and pulled out another car trailing him.
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    LI X

    TMG is about to release the VPR high output head. And covers you in the USA.
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    Black Paint (ala vantablack)

    Be careful. I got pulled over using veil and front clip matte black plastic dip, with a spray of veil on top.Looked sexy. State Trooper was using a lti 20/20 , highly upset and said he could not get a reading until I was very close and said I was over the PSL (I WAS NOT)but he "cleared the...
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    LI X

    I'm shocked the mods have not removed this entire laser interceptor section. It's waisting space and providing people with a false sense of security. We need to move forward from a obsolete product.
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    Adaptiv TPX working on a car laser jammer.

    A true law enforcement software grade dragon eye probably from a far distance and only a second or two. All the others, sure. Proper measuring and calculations are critical to law enforcement grade dragon eye.
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    Need longer head cables for rear install

    Make sure they have no sharp bends during install.
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    What's Stinger up to?

    Google search "poliscan 15,000 pps" . This site wont let me post the instruction manual for some dumb reason. But maybe 15,000 pps means nothing and the frequency does? Don't know lol. Its a fixed pulsed rate unit thought.
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    10 year run ticket free finally ended

    You were hit with a pro laser 4 with that serial number sequence.
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    What's Stinger up to?

    Just spoke with stinger technical support and yes it works on poliscan. Poliscan is a fixed 15,000 pps wide field and sharp angled dispersment unit. It will ignore a car with parking sensors transmitting back to it, as it cannot determine what lane its in etc, no jam codes.To have poliscan...
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    What's Stinger up to?

    Stinger's parking sensor system almost pure digital circuitry is highly advanced and extremely fast and potent for its size. I suspect software updates needed for lidar are far and few in between.