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  1. Brainstorm69

    In Progress Color of Stickied Threads

    In the 2019 Light interface, stickied threads used to have a light blue color to them as well as a pin, I believe. Now they seem to just have a pin and are white, the same as non-stickied threads. It was easier to identify where the non-stickied threads start when the stickied threads were the...
  2. Brainstorm69

    In Progress When are those of us who were Lifetime Premium Users way back when going to get our Lifetime Premium Member bar?

    And what's up with all the different user name colors now? I'm sure I probably missed some announcement about that. And do lifetime premium members also get their user names bolded or something like that? None of this is super important, but I would like to know. Thanks!
  3. Brainstorm69

    Does anyone know whether you can still use Escort Live to update the FW of non-BT detectors?

    And if so, how to do it. My recollection is that in the past (with an older version of EL), once EL was connected to the EL smartcord, and the detector was connected to the EL smartcord, when you tapped on the BT icon, it would display the detector name in a dropdown. It would have a blue...
  4. Brainstorm69

    Lidar R7 Laser Alert 9-27-2019

    I guess I must be one of the lucky ones, cause my R7 always seems to alert to laser just fine. Fortunately, I wasn't very much over the 40 MPH PSL. LEO knew what he was doing. Morning sun in the face of drivers going eastbound.
  5. Brainstorm69

    Complete Link to TXCTG testing thread takes you to the TXCTG Testing Index instead

    In this post (Replacing an R3), I posted a link to a specific TXCTG testing thread (TXCTG – Testing the New Uniden R3 (05-01-2017)), and instead of taking you there when it is clicked on, it takes you to the TXCTG testing index (TXCTG - Testing Index) instead. Something in the system changed...
  6. Brainstorm69

    Complete Why are the Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Forums halfway down the main page?

    And off-topic and advanced sections are before them? Doesn't make much sense to me. Most new people are coming here looking for RD information. Make it easier for them to see what they are looking for right away. I'd even put the "introduce yourself" thread in the Information center and...
  7. Brainstorm69

    Rejected Bolding Text Problem

    I keep having a problem where when I try to bold text, it bolds everything in the rest of the post beginning with the next paragraph after that text in a post. I am videoing this so maybe I can show what I am talking about, since last time I brought this up, nobody seemed to understand. Can...
  8. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG/INCTG/MICTG - K-Band Testing (Falcon HR) - Lakeville Newton Course - 08-18-2019

    [Re-posted from RDT.] INTRO After the latest K-band testing by the MWCTG using the Falcon HR, some folks here on the forum decided we should do some additional testing with the Falcon HR to see if we would get results that were consistent with what MWCTG was seeing. With that in mind, I got...
  9. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - R7 K=30%, V1, Max 360, K-Band Testing #3 (plus R3 FW 1.50 K=50% on K band and a 34.7 run for all) - Van Alstyne - 07-27-2019

    INTRO So as you know, I've done a couple of tests of the R7 in Adv with K=30% against the V1 and Max 360 (TXCTG - R7 City Mode and Adv K=30% vs V1 and Max 360 K-Band Testing - Van Alstyne - 06-08-2019) & (TXCTG - R7 City Mode and Adv K=30% vs V1 and Max 360 K-Band Testing #2 - Van Alstyne -...
  10. Brainstorm69

    The LEOs are Out and About Today!

    Be careful out there!
  11. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - R7 City Mode and Adv K=30% vs V1 and Max 360 K-Band Testing #2 - Van Alstyne - 06-30-2019

    INTRO So as you know, I did some testing of the R7 in City Mode and in Adv with K=30% against the V1 and Max 360 a little while back (TXCTG - R7 City Mode and Adv K=30% vs V1 and Max 360 K-Band Testing - Van Alstyne - 06-08-2019). I wanted to follow it up with some more testing to see if it...
  12. Brainstorm69

    What brand of detector do you use as your daily radar detector?

    Max number you can pick is two. And please only pick two if you really use both of them at the same time all the time (e.g., a remote and a WS mount). Otherwise pick the one you use the most. Also, think before you vote. I'm not allowing people to change their vote once cast.
  13. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - R7 City Mode and Adv K=30% vs V1 and Max 360 K-Band Testing #1 - Van Alstyne - 06-08-2019

    INTRO So I’ve been wanting to do some testing of the R7 in City mode and in Adv with K=30% to see how it compares to other arrowed detectors, and I finally decided yesterday to run up to my Van Alstyne course and just get it done. A very spur of the moment decision. DETECTORS R7 – (fw R7...
  14. Brainstorm69

    Uniden R1/3 FW 1.37 vs. R1/3 FW 1.4x vs. R7 (any firmware) vs Mazda CX-5 BSM

    Just to see how BSM falses compare between my R7 and my R3 (fw 1.37), I've been driving with both on the WS (I know, possible interference issues, but I'm not speeding anyway - this is for science!) Today I've come across a couple of Mazda CX-5s that made the R7 false (24.123 or 24.124) , but...
  15. Brainstorm69

    R7 Hwy mode, KF on, TSF on, KBlock on, MRCD off vs. Honda BSM video

    This is Hwy mode, KF on, TSF on, KBlock on, and MRCD off. So it's the companion thread to my thread with MRCD on. Found a CRV at lunch driving with MRCD off. No PT, but had a hard time in the bright sunlight telling absolutely for sure that the CRV's BSM indicator came on. But no PT; once...
  16. Brainstorm69

    R7 Hwy mode, KF on, TSF on, KBlock on, MRCD on, vs. Honda CRV video

    So I've been running the R7 in Hwy mode, KF on, TSF on, KBlock on, MRCD on to see how bad the Honda/Acura situation might be. This mainly because on the bench, my tuned (to the blocked range) K-band antenna signal will punch right through everytime, all the time, when MRCD is on. So I wanted...
  17. Brainstorm69

    Hypothetical question about a new V1...

    So if a new V1 came out with nothing different about it except it is considerably more sensitive than the current V1, would you buy it?
  18. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - R7, Pro M, V1 and Max 360 Additional K-Band Testing 4-20-2019

    INTRO The city has a K-band drone set up near some road construction nearby, and it gave me a chance to do some testing last night. Again, don’t have time for all my usual graphs. Sorry about that. THE DETECTORS R7 - fw 122.123.111 Pro M - fw US 16 V1 - fw 3.8945 Max 360 - fw 1.10 THE RADAR...