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    New ALP Firmware Update (FW: 5.5.5/8.4)

    New ALP Update available for public download on 5/29/2019 (FW: 5.5.5/8.4)
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    NetRadar DSP: "Warning: Radar antenna disconnected F1 or R1" Announced

    I received the above subject message at least once every 5-minutes while using Profile B which is configured to monitor Ka-band, K-bank, X-Band and MRCD with ALP. However, the system functions normally whenever I'm using Profile-A which monitors Ka-band only with ALP.
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    What Are Folks Opinions/Experiences with Using a Lawyer Referral Website?

    What are folks opinion/experiences with using a website such as “Bernie Sez” to locate a lawyer to fight traffic offenses in various parts of the country?
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    Problem with ALP Firmware Update 5.4.7/7.8

    I updated my ALP this morning with this latest firmware update; however, it somehow broke my dual "original" NetRadar antennas. As a result of this latest firmware update, I keep getting the following two messages: "Warning; antenna disconnected, rear & Warning; Radar antenna disconnected, front 1"
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    Problem With ALPUPDATE Website (Configuration)

    There is a problem with the website. I configure all 3 profiles for my ALP w/dual Net-Radar antennas. FOR PROFILE A: I made several attempts to have it configured for KA-band & KA POP only (front & rear antennas). Unfortunately, the website automatically adds "K-POP" to the...
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    Uniden R3 Stopped Alerting on all Radar Bands Shortly After V 1.30 Update Installed

    Uniden R3 stopped alerting on all radar bands shortly after V 1.30 update installed. I don't think the software update caused my Uniden R3 to stop working since it did work for a couple of hours after the new firmware and voice updates was installed. I purchased this Uniden R3 a month ago and...