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    Detection display intermittent

    Ever since upgrading the firmware on the app last month I’ve now noticed and confirmed a bug. I use a Pixel 2 phone and I never quit the app, I get out of the car it goes out of range and when re entering the car the app is connected again. I don’t generally have to manually activate or start...
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    R3 lowest k band percentage acceptible

    For those with legit K band in use what is the lowest percentage on the R3 have you run and still be effective? It will likely be constant k on very straight concrete roads when encountered however in a very urban cycle and shit loads of bsm. I know it won’t be Radenso quiet but how close can...
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    Wife unit

    wife needs a quiet unit for mainly 34.7 and yes some K, who is quieter on falses a Radenso SP or a dfr7?
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    West Texas I20 heads up pos town Cisco local city guy shooting LTI Typically it’s radar country out here
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    GM bsm

    So when are we going to see an update on filtering Cadillac/GMC bsm? It drives me nuts since I’m always within range of either examples on the highways. It is really becoming an issue since it literally mimicks io k band and lots of doofuses in Texas use K. Also something I’ve been trying to...
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    West tx

    Just a heads up might have been a Memorial Day thing but twice in the last week had west tx I20 corridor laser hits from DPS. Both Marksman Compact. Definitely not the usual going back over a year. 34.7 country is trying to be tricky
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    Threat log

    In the threat log how often is a speed recorded along with the band type? I have a threat I’d like to narrow down and have about three pertinent speed records within about three minutes but do they stamp when the target number changes or reaquires or is this more of a time controlled log?
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    DPS K band

    yesterday I caught another DPS Tahoe doing I/o k The past couple times they had commercial tractors pulled but this guy was targeting everybody. Net radar had him around 3+ miles. Full strength alerts about every 30 secs to one minutes so I probably got around 3-4 blasts before I had line of...
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    32nd judicial district

    Well I saw something that really threw me commuting to work this time. A black Tahoe had an commercial tractor rig customer just outside of Colorado City in west Texas. They left their Ka running so it seemed traffic related and they were alone not assisting DPS or anything like that. I've...
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    Front antenna failure

    About a month ago and around 1000 miles ago I upgraded my decade old v1 for a new one. It worked perfectly for three weeks and then on my last work commute I noticed it was only alerting on the rear. Multiple k and ka hits would miss entirely from the front and then go full on rear. I...