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  1. markxyz

    New NYSP unmarked Tahoe for the thruway loop around Buffalo

    For my friends in the area, I encountered this new NYSP unmarked on the way to work the other morning. I know they have a black one that has been operating in the area for awhile, which I believe is a Ford Explorer, but the color of this one sort of surprised me. It's not their typical tough guy...
  2. markxyz

    Something odd - marked NYSP w. CO 34.7 dummy unit?

    I encountered this marked NYSP Crown Vic the other day. He's obviously running CO 34.7, but I got a very short alert on my RL. I've seen them deploy marked unmanned units a few times in the past, kind of like to just slow motorists down. This one was interesting though as it was beaming radar. I...
  3. markxyz

    A rabbit I couldn't possibly hope to keep up with

    I encountered this guy while running home for lunch earlier this week. 0:25 Watch later
  4. markxyz

    Bambuser is discontinuing service

    For those of us who have the Bambuser app on our cell phones for use as a means to capture a LEO or other encounter on video and then have it streamed to a secure online server, that arrangement is coming to an end. I received the attached doc as an email a few days ago. Time to go shopping for...
  5. markxyz

    NYSP Ka 34.874

    I had a recent encounter on the thruway south of Buffalo with a NYSP trooper running Ka at this frequency. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I lost the signal and thought that couldn’t be right, I must have misread it. Then I reacquired it before passing him in the opposite direction. So it’s...
  6. markxyz

    Odd Redline alert

    I was using my Redline out on the thruway the other day when I got a couple of odd alerts. Both were the same. The detector would start giving a continuous double beep alert. The display was also flashing something, but as I have it mounted from the windshield visor on the passenger side, it's...
  7. markxyz

    NYSP IO I-81 Hiding Spot

    Check it out. I came across this trooper running IO on the I-81 south of Syracuse yesterday. I had received the brief Ka alert a few seconds earlier, so I knew he was out there. You can only see him for a split second at 07:59:04. (The time stamp on the video is wrong, so I'll have to fix that.)
  8. markxyz

    Strange XP alert – K band

    The other day I was coming home from work and encountered something strange. I had just passed the intersection where I have several lockouts in place, so I’m used to seeing the XP display alerting there, but not receiving an audio alert. After I got past that point, I noticed that the display...
  9. markxyz

    Distracting? Ah...yeah!

    Audi USA​'s New Innovative Tail Lights Are Mesmerizing...
  10. markxyz

    Is it quota time?

    I was riding in my girlfriend’s SUV last night. She’s got a lower-end Beltronics RD. First we got a Ka band alert. Sure enough, off in the distance you could see a NYSP with someone pulled over on the other side. As soon as we passed them, then came the bigger surprise – a laser alert. I’ve...
  11. markxyz

    GMT mode???

    Ok Radenso people, what exactly is the GMT mode on the Radenso XP? Setting recommendations? TY
  12. markxyz

    A little something for you SUV aficionados…

    Something for SUV aficionados…...
  13. markxyz

    PA IO encounter

    My girlfriend and I made the drive home from the OBX back to Buffalo yesterday. It was about 7:30 last night and we were on US-219 outside of Bradford, PA. It was very dark – pretty much pitch black with woods on both sides of the road - and kind of misty. I was following a big rig for some...
  14. markxyz

    ALP heads inside headlight assemblies?

    Has anyone tried mounting their ALP heads inside their headlight assemblies like pwrpuma did on the BMW as reported in the featured article on the home page? The results that they obtained weren’t exactly ideal...
  15. markxyz

    ALP heads - bubbles in, bubbles out, doesn't matter?

    Ok, I'm trying to get the official word on the correct orientation for the installation of ALP sensor heads. Previously I had a Blinder HP-905 system installed on my car. The guy who did the install mounted both heads on the front of the car with the bubble on the sensor facing the same way. I...
  16. markxyz

    What's the ideal way to mount three heads on the front of a pickup?

    I was reading the threads a while back and came across one where someone said that the ideal way to mount three heads on the front of a vehicle was in a straight line, not in any type of triangle pattern. Prior to that, I had never heard this before. I've since seen another post where this...