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  1. radarguy1986

    Beltronics Sti

    Founded by beltronics sti on Facebook market for $50. The lady said her husband used it only ones and don't need anymore. What do you guys think should I just go ahead and purchase it for fifty bucks is it a score
  2. radarguy1986

    Radenso Pro M rampup?

    So I recently switched from R3 to Pro M. And so far I like it really nice and quiet. But the one thing I notice is the rampup seems kinda of wonky,it won't gradually rampup it will go from 4-7 then back to 3-7 and so on so forth. Not sure if I got used to R3 or what. Sent from my SM-A205U using...
  3. radarguy1986

    Uniden DFR8 $163

    Best buy has them on sale Sent from my SM-A205U using Tapatalk
  4. radarguy1986

    Does Mrcd or next have any affect on ka range.

    Just was wondering if it had any affect on range with the pro M. If keeping it in or disabling. Switch from R3 to Pro M trying to get max performance out of the pro M Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  5. radarguy1986

    3 different type of tire brand?

    So I picked up 2 used tires from offer up. Still in really good condition. Bit now I have 3 different brand of tire and pattern on my car. I was wondering, would that affect anything. I have a 07 Mazda 3 Sent from my moto g(7) play using Tapatalk
  6. radarguy1986

    Revert back to 1.37

    If I wanted to revert back to 1.37 from 1.50. do I use the 1.28 tool or 1.26. which one is better I would also check recovery box as well. Sent from my moto g(7) play using Tapatalk
  7. radarguy1986

    K filter off and k block on

    Since Uniden gave us another filtering option has anyone had the idea of turning k filter off with k block on. I always taught Uniden r series did a much better job with I/O K band with k filter off. Bit couldn't run because of BSM. But now since.we have K block I wonder if it would help. Any...
  8. radarguy1986

    Uniden R1 $197 Google Express Sent from my moto e5 plus using Tapatalk
  9. radarguy1986

    Replacing the uniden R3

    So I'm thinking about replacing the Uniden R3 nothing wrong just want to try something new, I guess. What would you guys recommend the R7 is kind of out of my league is expensive. I did have a pro se that I liked but then sold it the Pro-m does look promising. Other than what escort/ beltronics...
  10. radarguy1986

    Uniden R3 vs Stalker ATR I/O

    Played around with my new stalker ATR gun and do some I/O triggers with the R3. Sent from my moto e5 plus using Tapatalk
  11. radarguy1986

    Uniden DFR6 $99 Not sure if anybody bought anything from this website if it's legit Sent from my moto e5 plus using Tapatalk
  12. radarguy1986

    Replacing RPSE for Uniden DFR9

    I'm thinking about replacing the rpse for the dfr 9. What do you guys think would that be backwards in performance. Sent from my moto e5 plus using Tapatalk
  13. radarguy1986

    RPSE US22 Falsing to Honda Civic

    I was in line waiting to get McDonald's and was behind this Honda Civic rpse with us 22 was falsing to Sent from my moto e5 plus using Tapatalk
  14. radarguy1986

    Power an RD at home for testing

    I was at Fry's and saw this would this be sufficient enough to power the RD Sent from my moto e5 plus using Tapatalk
  15. radarguy1986

    Keep R3 or get V1

    So since I dont really feel like spending $600 for an R7. I was wondering if I should keep R3 or get an V1 for arrows. I know will be giving up on range if I switch. But the JBV1 does seem promising What so you guys think. I see a lot of 35.5 and 34.7 around were I live, with some places...
  16. radarguy1986

    Radenso PRO Series

    Does radenso have any plans on putting a separate BSM filter for the pro series like the Uniden has perhaps a TSR and K band filter option. Sent from my SM-J727P using Tapatalk
  17. radarguy1986

    Valentine one offer up

    This guy is selling a Valentine One on OfferUp and he needs the $249 upgrade and you said he could let it go for $100 is that worth it Sent from my SM-J727P using Tapatalk
  18. radarguy1986

    Buying only netradar

    I'm kind of getting a little bored with the windshield mounts I want experience with custom installed but I don't need the ALP. Can I just get the non DSP antenna and rear Non DSP antenna and a display . So it can be a little cheaper. Sent from my SM-J727P using Tapatalk
  19. radarguy1986

    Running RPSE and Uniden R3 together

    Now I know running 2 detectors is not a good idea, but since I taught both detectors are almost RDD immune would running both have any affect if I run one on my way left and another on the way right Sent from my SM-J727P using Tapatalk
  20. radarguy1986

    Chicagoland K band usage frequency

    Anyone here that lives in Chicago or around Chicago and knows if they use high frequency of K Band I'm running K narrow on my rpse I was wondering if I should switch to K wide Sent from my SM-J727P using Tapatalk