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  1. te37

    Atlanta Express Lanes Enforcement?

    Has anyone seen any speed enforcement on the express lanes yet? I have only driven on it a handful of times both ways. I can see wider areas where an officer might hangout but have not seen anything. I can just see them putting up speed cameras to help subsidize the massive cost of building that...
  2. te37

    New Rear Antenna

    Morning, I just installed a rear antenna to my Stinger. I have been running front only for 2+ years and got a deal I couldn't pass up. Question is: is there anything that needs to be done to tell the Stinger it now has two antennas? The reasonI ask is because my screen touch does not work so I...
  3. te37

    Stinger Computer Center CC-21

    Just saw this on their website, not sure if they have different hardware in there or the same hardware different shell? Mine certainly does not look like that. Thanks, Nick
  4. te37

    Install: GTR + 3D Printer + ALP 6 Head + Stinger

    PT. 1 Well this weekend I decided to start my install. I am installing a 6 head ALP system (2TX and 4 RX/TX) and reluctantly my old Stinger VIP system. I also just got a new 3D printer this weekend and decided to make some brackets for my ALP heads. I have only finished the rear and front...
  5. te37

    2015 Nissan GTR Placement?

    Morning, I just picked up this baby last week and wanted to get some input on where to put them. I currently have a 5 head ALP I pulled off my last car. I can get some TX heads if necessary. Are some people running one regular head in the rear with one TX head? I tried to search, but not many of...
  6. te37

    Just uninstalled my Stinger VIP... school me on what I should run next

    Morning, I just removed my Stinger from my old car because I get a new car and I will not be installing the Stinger in my new car. I reached out to Stinger and asked if there were any updates planned for Stingers radar and they said "no". So, in my eyes, there is no point installing something...
  7. te37

    Lidar 3 Moto-Cops

    Not a video but a screen shot of 3 moto cops all in a row. They were all shooting (ask me how I know) at the same time. I got hit in the rear with 2 different guns and didn't get pulled over so I guess I was having a lucky day. All on the left lower side. p.s. be careful out there
  8. te37

    New TX up front, moving 3rd head to the rear?

    Morning, On my car I currently have a 5 head set up, three out front two out back. Just a thought about adding a TX to the front of my car and then taking my 3rd ALP head and bringing it to the back. On my car the rear is pretty darn good I think just taking my 3rd ALP head from the front of my...
  9. te37

    Did some testing today....

    Just got a lidar gun from a forum member, and stood outside my shop for about two hours shooting at cars getting a feel for the gun. It is an ultralyte LR and the max distance I was able to get a read was about 600ft is that normal? Also some cars I couldn't get a read on at all. Is there a...
  10. te37

    Radar Stinger: K Band I/O @ Night... IM ANGRY

    Keep your eye on the Stinger in the middle left of the video. LEO is under the bridge @20 seconds with all of its lights off, you can hardly see it running I/O k band. Please ignore my foul language and anything in the video past 25 seconds...
  11. te37

    Radar Stinger K Band (weird alerting)

    The leo is on the left @0:33 He ended up pulling over the guy to the left of me at the light. I looked over and they had their seatbelt on and didn't seem to be speeding. Keep an eye in the bottom left corner where you can see my Stinger screen. I did not touch the screen it just kept going in...
  12. te37

    Radar Stinger: Night Time K Band IO

    I have V4 Stinger just not the newest one the second to last newest one. I assume this was IO when the LEO saw the headlights over the hill. Thankfully I had a rabbit (wife lol) p.s. wasn't really speeding just showing the Stinger's reaction. I will...
  13. te37


    I will buy a rear antenna for my current set up if you put that money towards fixing the software issues. This system is like drugs, you know its bad for you but when it works great you love it, you just don't love it when it doesn't work well.
  14. te37

    2 MPH Over.... GA

    I'll be honest, being in my wife car probably wasn't the best to do this in. Her car is matte black with neon orange wheels, NO CMs. So a GSP was in the left lane on 575 doing probably 80. I had passed all the traffic doing about 75 behind him. I slow down to about 70 and stick in the right...
  15. te37

    ALP : 62 in a 40

    Trying out my new exhaust set up today... definitely would have made for a bad Monday had I not had jammers. But I do so.... gotta go to work but the video is still processing for those of you who stalk the forums. Starts at 11:54:51
  16. te37

    Blackview Single Channel

    Blackview DR600GW: Missing Footage Don't know if there is a fix for this but just putting this out there that my BlackVue is missing footage. It shows me parking then turning off then the next video is about 30 minutes after where it should have started. First time I have seen this! Is there...
  17. te37

    Yet Another Install: 2015 BMW M3 Stinger VIP

    Kind of skeptical about taking the time to install, those of you who saw my recent thread know why, but time will tell once I start using the system. Install was strait forward and this system is comprised of some very well put together hardware. I placed the patch antenna in the lower left...
  18. te37

    Stinger vs WB Magnum Morning, I had remembered reading about some ones vip not alerting to 35.5 so just to make sure mine was working before I took a healthy part of a day to install my system I decided to test it. So I fired up my silver eagle and fired away at the patch antenna, took...
  19. te37

    Dear, Stinger

    I cannot wait to install you :) That is all...look for an upcoming install
  20. te37

    Radar K band around the bend! LLH saves me from a ticket

    *music was shuffled pandora, sorry bad language!* Action starts around 1:10. Not sure if my v1 was asleep or he just started transmitting. I do have it mute k band for a couple seconds before full alert sound so maybe it was alerting more than it sounds. Posted speed limit is 40. I can certainly...