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  1. ARkaband

    80 km/h limit

    Man, I feel so bad for you guys down under. Most of your speed limits are absurd, you basically never see 80 km/h (50 mph) on a freeway in the US.
  2. ARkaband

    V1 WILL be updated

  3. ARkaband

    Hit up a pretty small town ways down in Georgia that had...

    I've seen "Speed checked by radar" here in Arkansas
  4. ARkaband

    Radar R7 rabbit save

    He's definitely not clocking traffic with radar, but that is a prime laser setup there.
  5. ARkaband

    Radar Maumelle PD owns me

    You're right, it was just a gut reaction.
  6. ARkaband

    Radar R7 35.5 I/O Save

    Well done. I sing the same song as you did often :)
  7. ARkaband

    3 mile detection.. DFR7. Yeah they suck on 33.8?

    If I can believe its the same source, this is outstanding!
  8. ARkaband

    Lidar ALP vs. DragonEye

    Were you still doing over PSL with the Ka alert and the high beam flash?
  9. ARkaband

    Radar Maumelle PD owns me

    Yeah, I try not to do over +10 without a rabbit. Honestly, with me being the only car around, I thought he would come after me just out of boredom.
  10. ARkaband

    R7 falsing to new Escalade BSMs from the front?

    My DFR7 falses to Escalades on 24.04
  11. ARkaband

    Radar Maumelle PD owns me

    Especially sitting in a active merging lane, but we all know it's not about safety in the small towns!
  12. ARkaband

    Radar Maumelle PD owns me

    No kidding, scared the hell out of me. You can hear me power the detector off preparing for the light show...
  13. ARkaband

    Radar Maumelle PD owns me

    Coming home late at night, no traffic on the Boulevard... Maumelle PD sitting dark in a merge lane, maybe not the smartest spot to be dark in but certainly sneaky!
  14. ARkaband

    Poking the bear goes wrong...

    What is your major malfunction, numbnuts???
  15. ARkaband

    R7/Few encounters/one takedown

    Very nice detections. Again, that PSL is ridiculous. At least your locals are nice enough to use C/O...
  16. ARkaband

    Radar R1 long-distant X band C/O detection of an auto radar system on the crossroad down below and a LEO hidden in the middle at a gas station

    Nice performance! I love when LEOs hand out greeting cards, so kind of them :rolleyes:
  17. ARkaband

    Bad Decision! Running from Police

    When there's no traffic, I'm right there with you :)
  18. ARkaband

    1.8.9 released

    Even though I can't take advantage of JBV1 (iPhone user), thank you so much for all the hard work you put in!