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  1. JPavilion

    Uniden R1/R3 VS Uniden R7

    I used to own the R3 but sold it and got the R7. Thoughts? Any tests?
  2. JPavilion

    Valentine One VS Uniden R7 - Fair Comparison

    Some might need range, some don't. Uniden offers more range while the V1 is a little behind on that. Some need better BSM filtering, some don't (like me) Uniden is very chatty. Some need the cloud connectivity, some don't Uniden doesnt offer cloud connectivity. nor the V1 Some need better...
  3. JPavilion

    New to the community! - JPavilion

    Hey everyone! Jorge here i'm new to the radar community but i have a youtube channel as well. And also thanks vortex for the recent video :woot: