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    ALP and Waze Split Screen on Android

    I searched and can only find old info or iOS focused. I can run both Waze and ALP connect in split screen mode on my Samsung S6 edge+, but only the app in "active half" will update the info (speed, map position etc.). The app in the other half will be "paused" unless I make it active by tapping...
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    Audi Forum

    Do you frequent a good Audi forum you would recommend? We have a 2009 A5 that will be replaced with a SQ5 within a few months (I think I have the wife on board to upgrade from the Q5 she originally wanted). Anyhow, I have a hard time leaving things alone and I'm already thinking about mods...
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    First Snow Fall

    The roads were slippery this morning, first dump of the season here... Since everyone behind me slowed way down, I was going to see if she needed help, but she stayed on the gas and came back onto the right lane right away. She even got honked at, so I just kept going. I'm surprised she didn't...
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    ALP Placement 2011 GMC Sierra

    I'm seriously considering getting an ALP triple for my 2011 Sierra. In the future I might add two more heads to the rear, but for now I will focus on the front. Looking through @Dukes install thread gave me a good Idea of the basic placement. Since I'm running a plate, my fogs seem lower, and...
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    V1 & LIs Falsing Simultaneously?

    In this first video I got the falses from Sunday. It was -8F out, but this probably had no influence. Falses at 0:52, 2:01, and 3:25 In the second video I was commuting on Monday. I thought it was only the LIs that falsed, but after reviewing it, sounds like the V1 might had falsed briefly...
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    Waze Crashing

    I have Waze version on my HTC One, with android version 4.1.2 For the last couple weeks Waze has been crashing more and more on my phone, now it's to the point where it does it almost every 5-10 minutes... what is going on!? The only thing that I can think of is that my phone warns me...
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    Delayed Start for LIs

    Has anyone implemented this yet?... maybe with a capacitor? I am sick of forgetting my LIs ON all night or while at work. I was thinking that I could just connect them to the relayed circuit that powers the phone chargers & GPS when the car is on. The thing is that I don’t know if I want the...
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    Little c Applies Logic to X Band

    I finally decided to document that little c does indeed mute non-threatening X band alerts. After I finished the video and drove back home, this particular alert made it to 4 dots before it got un-muted (so the V1 considered it threatening at 4 dots), and then it muted it again when it dropped...
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    LI Placement 2011 GMC Sierra

    Ok guys, the LI itch finally took over and now I'm in the market for a set. I would like to start with front protection, and in the future I will think about protecting the rear. I live in MN, so I would need the PA/JAM switch. Here is the vehicle, a 2011 GMC Sierra, I was thinking about...
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    Hey there!

    Hi all, After lurking for a while I decided to register. This forums is full of good info, and I just want to say thank you to everyone that is contributing to it.:)