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    R3 NZ 1.46 new map update??

    Has anyone got a new map update for there R3 in NZ, i have the old one from @DEMON5. I also cannot delete old locations for fixed speed cameras off using the "hold mute button" at all. Anyone having any luck with this? Thanks
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    R3 NZ V1.46 with NZ database

    Has anyone updated their R3 to 1.46? if so did you just reload the nz database from the link on the forum?
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    R3 NZ a lot of Laser alerts??? FW1.37

    Is anyone else getting a lot of laser alerts on their R3, I have just updated it to 1.37 and changed to a different car photo attached for placement. So i dont know if its might be the firmware or the placement in proximity to my cell phone (S8). I have seen another thread where they suspected...
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    How do you private message someone on here?

    Is it just starting a conversation with them on their profile?
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    Can you update the Uniden R3 NZ update to 1.37 without affecting the nz camera database??????

    Hi, Does anyone know if this will be ok to do, or has already done it. Thanks,
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    RJ11 extension cable - Uniden R3

    Hi, I just got a R3 and was wanting to know if you get a RJ11/12 connector and extension cable to run around the pillar. Will the mute button still work on the plug base? Thanks,