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  1. KrazyK

    Best Wheel Cleaner I Have Ever Used!

    The wheels on my Shelby are notorious for attracting brake dust and grime! The spokes don't help either. A real bit*h to keep looking good. In an effort to have clean rims I have tried a number of products ranging from a toxic mix that a sane person would use nitrile gloves and respirator with...
  2. KrazyK

    UNIDEN R7 Is Finally Available In Canada At Visions Electronics

    For those interested, the Uniden is now available at Visions for $829, a price only $50 above current USD price before shipping as seen at
  3. KrazyK

    NEW Mid-Engine Corvette in July

    Just read this article and saw the spy photo. If you like corvettes, this may be for you!!
  4. KrazyK

    Pro M Acting Strange? Lose Settings When Powered Off.

    First off, am really liking my new Pro M. I have it hardwired so that when the vehicle is shut off, so is the power to the RD. Up until a week ago all was going well then headed out and noticed no display on the Pro M. I pulled over and checked it and found if I did anything on the RD such as...
  5. KrazyK

    Any Chance That Uniden Will Offer R1/R3 Upgrade For MRCD?

    I have been wondering this for some time ^^^^^ and apologize if it has been asked already but I would be interested if Uniden would offer an upgrade (hardware) to R model owners so their RD's can get the full MRCD range. This would be similar I suppose to the upgrade escort provided to STi...
  6. KrazyK

    Uniden R3 on sale at Visions Until Mar. 7

    For the Canadian shopper, Visions has the Uniden R3 on sale for $448 (about $314 USD) until Mar.7.
  7. KrazyK

    Is Uniden R7 Going To Be Undetectable By RDD's?

    I have used the search engine and hunted the threads but cannot find any news if the anticipated R7 will be undetectable to RDD's. I know, I know, the detector is not release yet but there may be a confirmation by Uniden or someone who can shed some light on my question. At this point, since it...
  8. KrazyK

    12VDC Power Magic Controller

    I have looked around and found a cool little item on Amazon that you can set at what voltage you want your devices to be shut down and also how long you want said items to be powered with. This all started because I have a rear dash cam powered from a power plug. I wanted a way to shut off the...
  9. KrazyK

    Is It The Battery Charger?

    About a month ago I started suspecting my SUV battery was getting weak. You see, the SUV has a battery protection system that detects if the voltage is getting low (with the engine off, parked). Prior to a month ago I could shut down the engine in the SUV and my dash cams and RD would stay...
  10. KrazyK

    12VDC Power Magic Device (auto shuts off power before battery fails)

    I have looked around and found a cool little item on Amazon that you can set at what voltage you want your devices to be shut down and also how long you want said items to be powered. This all started because I have a rear dash cam powered from a power plug. I wanted a way to shut off the power...
  11. KrazyK

    Where Can I Find Certified UV/Laser Eye Protection (at a reasonable price)?

    I have been searching for some lidar eye protection. I need "over the glasses" (OTG) for 904nm range and certified, or proven in some way to be legit. Everything I see on Amazon is not rated as certified. A lot of the reviews (if there are any) are saying either great, wonderful, amazing, OR...
  12. KrazyK

    Strange 35.5 Encounter

    Nothing crazy with this encounter, just trying to figure it out............... Coming back into the outskirts of the big city on a 6 lane of heavy traffic. Everyone ticking along at 115 - 120 Kph when I see a pick-up truck on the left shoulder. It has small red/blue lights flashing in the rear...
  13. KrazyK

    Canadian Customers

    I am wondering what might be the ramifications for Canadian customers? After dealing with Escort, who won't ship to Canada I am curious of any issues with TMG. Warranties honoured to customers north of the 48th?
  14. KrazyK

    Ford Unveils 7.3 Gasoline Monster

    Does your best friend own a gas station? Oh yes, he will. Scooped out from Ford (not by me!) is this possible upcoming release of their new monster, V10 gasoline burning engine. Check out the video of a mustang with the V10. Sleeper? Enjoy! The Inside Scoop on Ford's...
  15. KrazyK

    2019/2020 SHELBY GT500 RELEASE!

    If you have an interest as I have in the new Shelby GT500, here is a link to a lot of confirmed and not so confirmed rumours. * Spy Photos * Cockpit Photos * Engine Estimates (supercharged flat plane 5.8 V8 with >700HP?) * BIG Brembo Brakes * Lots of stuff to read and see. Enjoy...
  16. KrazyK

    Ever Wonder What Happened To The Original Bullitt Mustang?

    In the poll about the NEW 2019 Bullitt Mustang, I posted a link to the recently released story about the discovery of the original (1 of 2 cars) Mustang used in the movie. Thanks to Kenny and others who appreciated the story I decided to give it it's own thread, so enjoy!
  17. KrazyK

    Starting To Trust My R3

    So I bought a couple of R3 units over 2 months ago and sure enough, as with most owners of new RD's, the LEO's must know, somehow. I have had only a handful of superficial Ka frequency alerts and zero encounters. Lots of K band alerts none being enforcement. Until yesterday. I had a great I/O...
  18. KrazyK

    Do You Like the 2019 Bullitt Mustang?

    Presented at the recent Detroit Auto Show along with the original movie Bullitt car, is the 2019 Bullitt Mustang! Have a look..... If you have time for a read, here is the story of finding the original Bullitt Mustang. Very interesting! Found: the real Bullitt Mustang that...
  19. KrazyK


    One of the best things to come across for any detector owner is a good Ka source such as speed sign. So I decided to start this thread as a place for users to post the location of a Ka source they know of so that others in the area could head to to try their detector for sensitivity or to...
  20. KrazyK


    I just wanted to share my thoughts on FX Audio and recommend them for your countermeasure needs. > < I purchased a couple of R3 units from Ray @FX Audio and was more than happy with customer service and facility. They have 2 locations in Edmonton and Spruce Grove (just outside...