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  1. thebravo

    LI's - Long in the Tooth, but still Relevant?

    I believe li covers trucam and truspeed LR... I will test with a truspeed LR on MY LIs this winter if I can and see if they work against it.
  2. thebravo

    3 mile detection.. DFR7. Yeah they suck on 33.8?

    I can't complain I was at a nearly 6 mile 34.7 alert on my DFR 7 the other day, I mean super optimal conditions so i wasn't too surprising. I need to do a max range test one of these days and see what I can sniff with it. I already know the R1 can max out the 8 mile course I have...
  3. thebravo

    Other Big Mac Attack

    I absolutely hate LEO's that do this... total abuse of power and could cause a nasty accident all because they are not willing to wait at a redlight.
  4. thebravo

    2003 Yukon Rear Placement - Is it even possible?

    Yes, you can definitely do it, are you wanting a dual or triple (for better DE coverage) back there (also which brand Jammer)? I would suggest a similar placement to a pickup truck. like discussed here: you can mount them to the bumper in that...
  5. thebravo

    Poking the bear goes wrong...

    It all depends on where you are and the LEO's in your area. Around me I can pass county LEO's (Not FHP) on the interstate if done gently the best way is wait until someone ahead of them slows down cause there is a LEO then just maintain speed, they get briefly tied up in a little clog of...
  6. thebravo

    Best or Common Speed for Lidar Testing

    Anyplace e between 35-45 is usually good. Going faster than that means not as much time for the gun to find PTs.
  7. thebravo

    Help with head placement on 4runner

    In CA the lower position will be fine they are mostly LTI guns which are easy and maybe some XLR, which a dual head will jam fine. I think the lower placement will do reasonably well except possibly with close range DE shots, but only testing will tell, I have seen less than optimal installs...
  8. thebravo

    Complete RDF Change or IOS Update

    Will do, in the meantime @riseboi is down your way and has some good testing equipment so he might also be ae to help :). The winter event will be end of December and it's a lot of fun, usually a lot of folks there and it's a nice time to hang with other enthusiasts.
  9. thebravo

    Help with head placement on 4runner

    Where do you drive? Yellow would do ok against stalker XLR and under, but might be non ideal for Dragoneye, though honestly it might also work is everything within 24 inches of one of those yellow spots? each RX head covers about a 24 inch radius so as long as you can go out about 24 inches...
  10. thebravo


    I mean you could sell the Pro-M for under $100 and we would all probably own one... is it good business and does it cover the costs to design/manufacture? Probably not... but you could do it :)
  11. thebravo


    I know... but hey I can dream :crazy:
  12. thebravo


    perhaps a amazing detector at a super low price-point?
  13. thebravo

    Question about install

    I would not suggest running two detectors at the same time, they can and will interfere with each other meaning one or the other may fail to alert or alert very late to legit sources intermittently and with no advanced warning or obvious signs that it's happening.
  14. thebravo

    Hello all

    Nice choice on the DFR7, it's a solid mid range detector and a great place to start, good range and good filtering for a good price
  15. thebravo

    How have the speed traps changed in your area?

    I'd get on that! weather is nice this time of year :)
  16. thebravo

    How have the speed traps changed in your area?

    How can you be driving with no jammers????
  17. thebravo

    How have the speed traps changed in your area?

    That's kinda sad actually. I love laser, at least I can do something about it. I intentionally drove through a laser trap this AM just because..
  18. thebravo

    Complete RDF Change or IOS Update

    We do a winter testing meet each year in south florida on the east coast. Where abouts are you in south florida? I'm sure we can help you out :)
  19. thebravo

    Thanks for a great Forum

    @KCsilverado has an ALP setup on a suburban I believe. he might have some tips. Welcome and glad you signed up!
  20. thebravo

    Researching LIDAR Jammers

    As others have said TMG or ALP. ALP if you face dragoneye ALP is more solid than TMG. I have tested both systems in the past couple months several times on a few different cars. The only gun TMG still struggles with on closer shots is DE. It's pretty solid up until 400-500 feet then...