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  1. Bossdad71

    Jam to ...

    nice to see you out and about. why wasnt your wife yelling at you like in other videos?
  2. Bossdad71

    Random R7 Display Title Issue?

    look at you showing off, jumping right in there, asking questions, getting involved. I think we are looking at our next SD or mod (: great job buddy
  3. Bossdad71

    Announcement 2019-Forum Reports will be removed from public view

    Who cares either way. Only person I report [email protected] and now one other admid every Time I get a chance
  4. Bossdad71

    Hello... user from Iowa

    Welcome to the forum. Start posting your encounters, experiences, etc. The system will move you up, pretty soon you will be advanced and get to learn more and more on the way up
  5. Bossdad71

    Radar Awesome 1 Mile I/O K band save

    Nice one. Cool you and your dad can share that experience
  6. Bossdad71

    R7 Random Reboot, GPS Error

    radarroy passed away five years ago, but we are glad you got hooked up here enjoy your new family
  7. Bossdad71

    R7 latest database

    welcome to the forum, I knew u would love this place, and call it home.
  8. Bossdad71

    Any guesses about new radar detectors coming out at SEMA or by the end of the year?

    well, mike v messed the other mike around pretty bad, but why would radenso want a product that is less quality than theirs. I know you were joking but the pro m has longer range and filtering by far, granted I don't use the v1 app, that might tip the scales. I think the v1 handles better in...
  9. Bossdad71

    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    hey didnt even know you were still around, thought you retired
  10. Bossdad71

    RDFGS v1 Link

    i just tried to add somethings. it says i must be intermediate. did i get demoted lol
  11. Bossdad71

    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    pm me your question, i have a few people over there, i'll try and get you an answer. cant promise, but i'll try 1570644482 love your avatar you must be my ex wifes brother
  12. Bossdad71


    nice, i like that better than i like my idea
  13. Bossdad71


    if by chance this is a usb detector coming out, i'm thrilled. three customers this week calling to see if a radar detector can be powered by usb..
  14. Bossdad71


    funny you say that. I do get lots of customers asking for a detector with a USB cord since most cars dont have cigarette lighter plugs
  15. Bossdad71

    Hey From Blinder!

    she will be on here tonight
  16. Bossdad71

    custom sweeps delay

    lol that's my goal in life to be a v1 zommbie, and some kind of fan boy. lol. so it sounds like what i was seeing is normal, maybe my seconds were off, i was on monkey time