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  1. Tallyho

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome aboard! What counter measures are you running?
  2. Tallyho

    VID: Close call with some narrow K band today

    Very odd ramp-age as you closed to source.
  3. Tallyho

    RDFGS 2.0: Feature Requests...

    From time to time people will create threads like this one: that indicate increased enforcement that is disclosed from public sources, sometimes via Facebook and Twitter feeds of the Departments themselves. Can this all be fed into a single...
  4. Tallyho

    Laser Alerts

    This is the Uniden forum so on that account Jason is right. It's useless on any Uniden. The one time I was targeted on my LRD950 ,which did alert, it was an instant ownage of me. Thankfully was at PSL.
  5. Tallyho

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    I agree but also think that's up to them whether they want to enjoy the benefits or not that come with additional processing power and screen real estate. What's incredible is that they don't want to reciprocate that sentiment with us and there are people here who are anti-app.
  6. Tallyho

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    Thanks for the feedback. I 100% disagree with almost everything you said and think you have conveniently mischaracterized my position in the worst possible light and conveniently characterized your position in the most favorable light. So I fundamentally think you are grandstanding. But still...
  7. Tallyho

    Pro M filtering Honda and Acura

    Excellent test question. Time to get some guns?
  8. Tallyho

    Do BSM frequencies overlap LEO radar frequencies and how often do you see this

    There is no "safe space" in the K band frequency range. The best you can do is monitor it over time and then segment based on your experience but this is a calculated risk that grows exponentially when you leave your home field. It also could change and leave you exposed to playing Russian...
  9. Tallyho

    Radar Max2 Ka 34.7 nice forward facing detection

    Wow, that was impressive.
  10. Tallyho

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    Agreed it was mostly, a misunderstanding... Although experience has shown in most cases those who don't use an app usually cross the line and end up becoming anti-app at some point in the conversation. It's the latter which is hostile and antagonistic to the spirit of this forum, which is...
  11. Tallyho

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    There's not much we disagree on in that case. It turned out to be part semantics and also you playing the role of the business analyst rather than the enthusiast. There is also a misunderstanding regarding opinions. All opinions are not created equal. Especially those which seek to suppress...
  12. Tallyho

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    There are already business models in place that account for this and the cost is minimal. You could say all this about the R1 vs R3. You and I are not the ones running the business and are not tasked with performing the cost benefit analysis. If you want to take the anti-enthusiast approach...
  13. Tallyho

    Please allow/create 3rd party app support with the R7

    You could also say that about GPS, which is why they have the R1 and R3. It's not really a valid discussion any longer. It's just those who don't like the idea emoting nonsense.
  14. Tallyho

    App for Uniden R3(1) like Valentine's?

    So how does that work since this is a homebrew situation, can you create an API that would theoretically allow for a JBV1 like app? And would this would require both a hardware and software solution to implement?
  15. Tallyho

    App for Uniden R3(1) like Valentine's?

    I would love to see it happen for Uniden and Radenso but when supposed "enthusiasts" don't want it, then who is going to be the catalyst? Jon will likely be the next to implement an API so maybe the momentum will shift at that point but the arrows aren't pointing in that direction. :laugh:
  16. Tallyho

    App for Uniden R3(1) like Valentine's?

    Oh man. Now you really did it... :worms::worms::worms: It's a great idea but it won't happen. Too many people who are in denial about the benefits and want to shut down open minded enthusiasts like you. See this thread and the negative reaction:
  17. Tallyho

    Possible solution for BSM

    Wonder how much Uniden is at the mercy of Attowave on a BSM solution considering it's their platform.
  18. Tallyho

    How Do I Roundabout? Pt. 2

  19. Tallyho

    Any V1 users jumping to the recently announced R7?

    Nothing wrong with your enthusiasm but this last patent is not going to be issued anytime before 2020 based on where it stands today. Could be 2020 or beyond before we see the next V1. Better to pace ourselves here because we are talking years not months.