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    Uniden R7 Radar Detector $539 shipped, AC, from Rakuten

    This deal is back including an additional 3% (16.17) in Rakuten bucks to spend on anything on the site
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    Uniden R7 on sale at Rakuten - $60 off

    This deal is back if anyone missed it last time. Same discount code save15
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    Uniden R7 on sale at Rakuten - $60 off

    Wholesale connection is actually part of Electronic Express and this already came up in the R3 threads where a member called Uniden and was told they would honor the warranty. Alternatively eBay has 8x eBay bucks today for a savings of $48 (you have to spend at eBay) from a whole group larger...
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    Uniden R7 on sale at Rakuten - $60 off

    Wholesale Connection has it listed there too for 599.00 than -60 with the coupon save15, and no tax at least for my state. I had a feeling you would be able to get a deal on these so many places have it.
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    Which RD Has Best Non-BSM K Filtering

    My Beltronics GT-360 is great, I just run Autoscan it hardly ever falses to BSM I can't even remember the last time actually
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    GT360 availability

    I bought my GT-360 just to hold me over waiting for the R7 and ended up liking it way more than my R3 It's super quite between the great bsm filtering and auto lockouts. Also the range has been more than enough. I had a max360 when it first came out and felt the range was terrible maybe it's...
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    Official Launch Date for Uniden R7 has been set for Monday 4/15

    I remember last time with the R3 while Tom was waiting to fill back-orders Uniden starting selling them directly from their website.
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    Uniden R7 manual-

    Uniden R7 I posted it once before but it got moved into the FCC thread even though it's not from there.
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    Amazon R7

    FREE Delivery Monday, April 29 - Thursday, May 16...
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    R7 Info & Internal Photos up at FCC

    After seeing the FCC ID I was able to find a copy of the manual, I'm sure it's subject to change ...
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    Detector Lockup’s Bell / Escort

    I have a GT-360 and haven't had any lockups, I'm on the original firmware. Seems like lots of problems with updates on all the detectors look at the R3 it was much better overall on 1.37 in my opinion. I like the GT-360, mines been really solid on alerts and filtering.
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    so another valentines day is here....

    Haha I picked up a brand new V1 from FedEx today!! Would have got it yesterday but FedEx wouldn't accept a note on the door for signature confirmation.
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    new FCC ID R3

    A new FCC ID application has been submitted by Uniden America Corporation for New Equipment. See FCC ID AMWUA1702 Equipment Authorized: RADAR DETECTOR Including the manual
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    Escort Redline $379 Shipped (buydig)

    Escort RedLine Radar Detector $379 shipped with coupon code AFFGT100 at Not sure if there an authorized re-seller but I'm sure other's will chime in. Link
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    court thursday

    I think you might be better off shortening it up to the car in front of you stalled and to prevent from being rear ended by a truck behind you, you passed the car and just let the judge think about that much for a minute. If he than ask if you felt you had time to stop reply yes, but it did...
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    Speeding ticket and no speed limit sign[Help]

    Nice! That's why I dispute everything worse that can happen is your back to square one, Kinda funny about the judge asking you what you wanted to do and good answer!
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    Other Blowing through red

    Oh yeah quite common they bump into you so you stop and get out and they got guns so your giving them your money you just pray they don't shoot you anyways and your car is still there when they leave and they don't take it too
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    Other Blowing through red

    In Detroit red lights have always be optional and sometimes a lot more preferable (safer) if you don't stop, just a nice quick check if it's clear and go and I'm not joking some places (lights) you know you shouldn't stop at. They looked into legislation to have rlc's in Michigan but never...
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    Darn Airplanes!!!

    Get ya one of these little guys.... We don't see much vascar up our way probably because were close to several major airports and I don't think they would tolerate leos buzzing all around...
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    MSP 96/wixom rd lidar

    I'm not sure but I see more and more state police of the interstates, that area is right near Novi and there locals are ticket crazy and you can't drive there with out seeing at least one. lol nope good ol' Michigan