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  1. tempnexus

    Is there a way to make sure that a head is firing if you don't have a lidar?

    I don't have a lidar in my possession and the TMG doesn't have a self test that I have read that some V1 heads have died I want to make sure that mine are okay....especially that my 1 year warranty is coming up fast. So, how can I test my heads if I don't have a LIDAR or the...
  2. tempnexus

    Haven't seen an Update in TMG defender app for a longe time

    Is everything ok is the current App still ok?
  3. tempnexus

    Last Pass Users (many partook in the rdf deal) there is a vulnerability out there FYI!
  4. tempnexus

    A119 V2 double beeping about 20 min into drive

    Anyone else got that? I changed sd cards and I formated the drive many times and it still does it.
  5. tempnexus

    Damn it I am yet to be hit by LIDAR on BOTH ALP and TMG and it's been 2 years my ROI is looking bleek.

    And my wife is taking note...that's the worst part. Since she drove it, she was only hit once and that was near Haymarket VA and it's been about 2 years ago.......since than nada. I envy you all who get hit all the time!
  6. tempnexus

    Working on a car nightmare

  7. tempnexus

    Safe SUV recommendation

    Since I will have a kid (hopefully) I am looking on selling my 09 Corolla and upgrading to a safer car since its no longer my life that's on the line. My wife has Volvo xc60 so I am thinking on getting a second one but I am open to options. 1) safety is the #1 thing I am looking for 2) new or...
  8. tempnexus

    Jeep or else!!!!
  9. tempnexus

    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    If my wife's R3 kicks the bucket (it's having speaker issues at the moment...Uniden fix is $90 by sending it back to but still something to consider) what should I get: 1)Fix it via Uniden 2) Get R7 3) Wait on Radenso
  10. tempnexus

    My ALP goes back to the BEEP BEEP BEEP Volvo issue after the last update

    So as you recall, there was an issue in the past regarding the Volvo City Sense or what have you interfering with the ALP heads during start up...i.e. when the car starts up and the ALP performs a head check, it will come back with F2 head failure. That was due to the Volvo LIDAR bouncing off...
  11. tempnexus

    Damn I think my R3 speaker is dying.

    I had it since it was first released june 2017. My wife noticed yesterday that R3 was making harpy sound when talking. Like extra reverb and vibration when she annouces frequency. Today I listened and indeed it makes the sound of a overdriven speaker and the volume is at 5. Sigh.
  12. tempnexus

    Damn thank you RSPE, almost got smoked today by a K.

    So here I am driving on Farm to Market road speed limit 45 whilst going 60. Suddenly I hear K and it's an K8 on scale of 1 to 9. I look in the mirror, no other car, and I am nowhere near any grocery store. So Spidey senses are tingling....hmm....this is the first time getting a K hit...
  13. tempnexus

    What is K Block and What notches to use in K filter?

    Is K block and K notches a different beast?
  14. tempnexus

    For sale: 1 owner, Runs great! Minor cosmetic damage. Asking $15k OBO.
  15. tempnexus

    Great Deal Cylance 1 Year Cloud Machine Learning Antivirus for 1 PC and Lifetime VPN for 90 cents! You have 4 hours than use code: BACKTOWORK10 for the discount the lifetime VPN is for 1 device. Cylance even though not the best Antivirus out there it's basically NO CPU usage since it offloads the data to the magic cloud...
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    Asshole driving
  17. tempnexus

    My car makes a noise