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    So I bought the new Adaptiv Technologies TPX laser jammer

    Police use Harley because Harley gives them gigantic discounts to keep them on Harley's.
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    So I bought the new Adaptiv Technologies TPX laser jammer

    I have been shot at on my grom. The thing tops out at 55mph. They definitely will bother with bikes.
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    Time for a Truck, cant take the potholes and broken windshields.

    Can't crack a windshield if you don't have one. Time for a motorcycle.
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    All jokes and teasing aside... Tell us what GPS contributes to for an R7 please.

    Slow speed muting. I don't need to bother with mute or automute if it already mutes the signal with it. Means I don't need to bother with 100s of doors sensors at shopping malls.
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    How much do you spend on gas?

    It's a 125cc so not fast but I can hit 60mph. It's a glorified scooter but it's fun because you are always riding at 10/10s.
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    How much do you spend on gas?

    ~$30 a month though recently my commute became much longer. I think it's going to be closer to $60/ month. That said it's summer and once I get settled in this new job I will probably go back to riding the grom and that thing gets 130 MPG a full tank is less than $4 bucks. So hopefully a lot less.
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    Your First Impressions R7- Post your first impressions/reviews here

    the fact that it is so sensitive that it can pick up a locked out signal outside of the lockout zone is kind of annoying but I guess it's a good problem to have on a radar detector.
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    Vortex can ya get interview with Mike Valentine

    He is R&D, marketing and product dev.
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    Does side arrows work with R7 on K?

    I did have a funky case against a sign about two hours ago. No side but it was flipping back and forth for a while I was driving away from the sign. Mostly front too sign shoots right in to a pretty steep hill though so plenty of room for reflections.
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    Radar Jeep SRT probably pooped his pants when I I/Od him

    Had that been happening to me. I would actually be thinking along the line of "that moron is going to get a ticket. Does he not know that there is a cop somewhere around here?" as I get passed.
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    Hypothetical question about a new V1...

    I am guessing it is something on my end. I don't think is has anything to do with the app. I think it is my Bluetooth radio adapter is fighting for control at the same time that it's trying to connect to the dongle. Causing the search on jbv1 to time out. V1 adapter is non-le and my Android...
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    Hypothetical question about a new V1...

    I haven't tried V1 Driver. I am strictly android. My experience with both YaV1 and JBV1 have been exception except for the auto connect. I don't know what it is but it just doesn't want to do it.
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    Hypothetical question about a new V1...

    Probably. I mean it would just be sending my current one in for an upgrade. The biggest reason I am running the r7 is gps, right now. I am in the flat country so sensitivity isnt the biggest reason, it just a bonus. I never liked the experience of messing with apps to get that functionality...
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    Armour V1 Weatherproof Box

    I don't know that I would say they have been left behind by time. It's just that Remote mounted have come so far and it has made them separate more. Most users of windshield mounts want a plug and play detector. For the people that want the concealed display, there are installed units now that...
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    UNIDEN R7 - All discussions relating to mounting your R7

    Well, the v1 has three points of contact. the front of the detector is braced against the windshield. The R7 doesn't have that and I think the r7 suction cups are tall and that allows some bounce. I have switched to the sticky cup, for now, to see if that solves the issue.
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    How many people on here are enthusiasts?

    Oh for sure, if I go truck though it's going to be built for overlanding and motorcycle hauler. Nothing fast. Something to use to camp next to great riding roads and chase races and car shows around the US.
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    How many people on here are enthusiasts?

    I mean, I am definitely a car enthusiast and I like to use my cars as they were intended. That said, my current car is not anything cool but I still have a lead foot with it. I have my fun on my motorcycles currently. With my current life, I needed a practical car. I am car shopping though so I...
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    Your First Impressions R7- Post your first impressions/reviews here

    I have to call you out on the whole never has to be removed from the window for updates thing. That's crap. The V1 has to be sent back to Valentine for updates that is much different using a computer for updates. When you are going to make bias incorrect statements on something as simple as that...
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    I would like a Radenso

    Just the desk, those are some rookie numbers.
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    The rumored new v1. Who is jumping ship from the r7 to the new v1

    I would send my V1 in but I am not canceling my r7