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  1. SpeedCounterMeasures

    A lot of detectors are slowly dying....

    Does your weather station have a fan that blows on the temp sensor to keep it from reading above air temp? On topic: I use to take mine down but it just becomes a hassle after about 300 times.
  2. SpeedCounterMeasures

    GMRS now license-free at/under 2W

    Cobra uses the same marketing team for detectors and handhelds. At least that's what it looks like to me haha
  3. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Pulled the Trigger New V1 Ordered today with V1 Connection LE - Delivery time?

    They ship from Ohio, seems like UPS also, so you should expect it in 3-4 days or less I would say.
  4. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Yup this is Ohio for ya

    Just when you feel safe in Ohio they come out in swarms.
  5. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Only Thing Valentines Updating is Website

    Chances are most won't see this but I feel like making its own thread may be too much. Every time I check for a new V1 update on their serial number page, I simply type in 9999999999 (Ten 9's) and it will bring up the "latest" saying you have no upgrade. It's an easy way to find out what the...
  6. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Confused Member

    He sent me the PM, I directed him to you with a few recommendations. NOTE: I replied to him today the 7th, so I did indeed not reply at the time of the post.
  7. SpeedCounterMeasures

    New in Cleveland, OH.

    Welcome! I don't get up to cleveland much, and it's way too cold to go now :D
  8. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Street Racing???

    Pretty sure the guy in 1st place had it won, the 2ed car couldn't even keep up in the straights! Guy in front won a race he never knew he was in also LOL
  9. SpeedCounterMeasures

    What fun car for 7k?

    Without knowing what he is into... 98-02 camaro z28 or SS, has the LS1 in it which is gods gift to the car world :p, massive aftermarket, good power stock. I have not priced them in a while but they have to be pretty cheap now (under 7k). As I said though, I really don't know what he...
  10. SpeedCounterMeasures

    New car time….

    In a world where driving cars is essential to the hobbies survival one man prepares to break free with a self driving car. I think I want a Tesla, but I can't justify the price, so I will settle for wanting a used volt.
  11. SpeedCounterMeasures

    S550 Mustang GT's speed limited to 150?

    My car which is a 94 (OBD1) can be flashed like an OBD2 or newer car, so there must have been a transition period between 93 and 94~ when OBD1 could be flashed.
  12. SpeedCounterMeasures

    What the hell is this thing?

    People who bought it: Thing works amazing, I was going 26 in a 25 and it saved me!
  13. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Alpha version for the Android: version 4.0!

    I got the email earlier, best beta update in a while lol
  14. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Anybody running a FreedomPop phone?

    Look at ring plus also, I have a plan with them, during that particular promotion I got 1200 minutes, 1200mb data and texting for free (like $15 initial cost). Also runs off garbage sprint.
  15. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Waze has released their SDK!

    I read that a waze version beginning with the number 4 beta has been dropping. Edit: someone beat me to the punch
  16. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Going Catless - Where are my emissions geniuses?

    In Ohio we have no tests far as I know, my fun car couldn't pass the sniffer if I was idling at home and the sniffer was 50 miles away haha.
  17. SpeedCounterMeasures

    What Dash Cam do you use?

    I'm using an itb100 which I have had for 3ish years, the firmware apprently. Corrupted itself in June of 14' and for some unknown reason I just tried to reflash it a month ago and bam, working ever since.
  18. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Calmness before the storm

    This has been the pattern for years..... Doom and gloom, no new updates Update hits a year later, rinse and repeat.
  19. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Escort Redline Amazon..

    Careful on if you're buying from amazon themselves, or if it's a third party seller. Granted I'm not convinced it even matters half the time.....
  20. SpeedCounterMeasures

    Max 360: DID it ship yet

    Re: DID it ship yet Pretty sure I just watched a regular lose $6 and his right nut. :lol: