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    Redline-O vs. Off Axis CO 34.7

    Rare for me to see KA. But it's nice to see with alerts like this :). Settings: 2 through 9 on K on X off TSR on Highway Edit* RDR is off
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    OG Redline vs. Kband (3)

    Here's a few from the land of Kband. First up is a nasty curve with a pretty short alert time. Second is on the way to work you can make out the reflection at the end. And last, the next morning same...
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    Redline vs. I/O KA band and C/O K band

    Had some great saves by the Redline recently and figured I would share: Video 1 - I/O KA band by FHP. Not marked by Waze (he was afterwards!). This was probably my best ever true save. Video 2 - C/O K band by local LEO. A passing vehicle gets nailed after flying...
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    Redline vs. FHP 34.7

    Forgot to post this up last week. Good initial alert but seemed slow on the 2nd alert. Wasn't going that fast (~PSL+5) since the lady was riding shotgun. So not so much a 'save'. Although, I think that if not for that initial alert and if I were by my lonesome it could have made for some anchor...
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    Escort Redline Vs. FHP 34.7 KA

    Plenty of warning but I'll chalk this one up as a save as I was doing about 10+PSL. First alert is 3 seconds in. :)
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    Escort Redline Vs. Off Axis FL Kband

    Here's an interesting one. Virtually a 90degree initial alert at 24.068 then back to scan mode. Then a steady ramp up still reading 24.068. Seemed almost too good to be true. I am a little skeptical though, lol. Watch in HD :). Enjoy~ Oh wait there's...
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    Redline vs. FL K Band

    Just picked up a new entry level dash cam over the holidays and ran into my first encounter since getting it installed. Edited with WMM until I get something better. Turned the sound down a little because I had the windows down. The Redline is high and tight just to the left of the rear view...